Definition of Loaded down

1. Adjective. Heavily burdened with work or cares. "Weighed down with cares"

Exact synonyms: Bowed Down, Overburdened, Weighed Down
Similar to: Burdened

2. Adjective. Bearing a physically heavy weight or load. "Loaded down with packages"
Exact synonyms: Burdened, Heavy-laden
Similar to: Encumbered

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Literary usage of Loaded down

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Catholic Encyclopedia: An International Work of Reference on the by Charles George Herbermann, Edward Aloysius Pace, Condé Bénoist Pallen, Thomas Joseph Shahan, John Joseph Wynne (1913)
"When Baldinucci preached he frequently carried a cross, and was loaded down with heavy chains. He often walked up and down among the people scourging ..."

2. Appletons' Annual Cyclopædia and Register of Important Events of the Year (1892)
"... their arms were also of every pattern and caliber; and they were so loaded down with overcoats, haversacks,'knapsacks, tents, and baggage, ..."

3. The Iron Puddler: My Life in the Rolling Mills and what Came of it by James John Davis (1922)
"... CHAPTER XXII loaded down WITH LITERATURE AFTER I had read the various pamphlets that Bannerman gave me I was like the old negro who went to sleep with ..."

4. A Tale of Two Oceans: A New Story by an Old Californian : an Account of a by Ezekiel I. Barra (1893)
"... and who might return by the following December loaded down with sacks of gold, thereby gaining the admiration of all the young women, and the envy of ..."

5. The Scottish Jurist: Containing Reports of Cases Decided in the House of by Great Britain Parliament. House of Lords, House of Lords, Parliament, Great Britain (1873)
"A three-decked ihip » usually loaded down, so that her main or middle deck ... a they act more or less against her being loaded down to "* depth of ..."

6. China Centennial Documents by James Whitford Bashford (1907)
"... loved righteousness and hated iniquity, he was early apprenticed to a last-maker. Here, although the lad was loaded down with long daily tasks, he had . ..."

7. The Freezing-point Lowering, Conductivity, and Viscosity of Solutions of by Harry Clary Jones (1913)
"This would indicate that in ethyl alcohol the ions are loaded down more than in methyl alcohol, which, again, we would expect. This is the case at both 0° ..."

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