Definition of Lock up

1. Verb. Secure by locking. "Lock up the house before you go on vacation"

Generic synonyms: Fasten, Fix, Secure
Derivative terms: Lockup

2. Verb. Place in a place where something cannot be removed or someone cannot escape. "She locked her jewels in the safe"
Exact synonyms: Lock, Lock Away, Lock In, Put Away, Shut Away, Shut Up
Generic synonyms: Confine
Derivative terms: Lockup

Definition of Lock up

1. Verb. (transitive) to imprison or incarcerate someone ¹

2. Verb. (transitive) to invest in something long term ¹

3. Verb. (intransitive) to close all doors and windows of a place securely ¹

4. Verb. (intransitive) (computing) to cease responding, to freeze ¹

5. Verb. (intransitive) (mechanics) to stop moving, to seize ¹

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Literary usage of Lock up

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Supplement to Burn's Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer: From January by Thomas William Saunders, Richard Burn (1849)
"... of erecting and maintaining Lock-up Houses on the Borders of Counties," c. ... if they should think fit, to order that lock-up houses for the temporary ..."

2. Archbold's Parish Officer and Shaw's Parish Law by James Paterson, John Frederick Archbold, Joseph Shaw (1864)
"charge of a lock-up house, shall be entitled to hold his office until dismissed by the justices, and shall receive such salary and allowances out of the ..."

3. United States Supreme Court Reports by Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company, United States Supreme Court (1890)
"2 represents the lock-up rack for private use. "To enable others skilled in the art to make and \ise my invention, I will proceed to describe its ..."

4. The Statutes of Nova Scotia by Nova Scotia (1850)
"The Town House, and Lock-up House apartments therein, shall be placed under the charge of such person as the Grand Jury shall recommend for that purpose ..."

5. The State of Prisons and of Child-saving Institutions in the Civilized World by Enoch Cobb Wines (1879)
"CHAPTER V. — THE LOCK-UP.—THE COUNTY JAIL. WE come now to the treatment of adult ... Here the first institution of the series is the lock-up, which has been ..."

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