Definition of Logic operation

1. Noun. An operation that follows the rules of symbolic logic.

Exact synonyms: Logical Operation
Category relationships: Logic
Generic synonyms: Operation

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Literary usage of Logic operation

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Recollections of Grover Cleveland by George Frederick Parker (1909)
"... to get away from regulation—always avowed as their sole purpose—into dictation, and thence into what he feared would be their logic, operation. ..."

2. A Text-book on the Practice of Gynecology: For Practitioners and Students by William Easterly Ashton (1905)
"... may be lacerated by the hand or an instrument during '"jury, as in a case reported by Mann, where there was a "serious laceration of •logic operation. ..."

3. Operation Just Cause: Planning and Execution of Joint Operations in Panama by Ronald H. Cole (1996)
"... Task Force (SOUTHCOM Special Forces): 20, 38 BLIND LOGIC, Operation: 8-9, 21, ... See BLIND LOGIC, Operation; PROMOTE LIBERTY, Operation Civil-military ..."

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