Definition of Long trousers

1. Noun. Trousers reaching to the foot.

Exact synonyms: Long Pants
Generic synonyms: Pant, Trouser

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Literary usage of Long trousers

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. New Demands in Education by James Phinney Munroe (1912)
"CHAPTER XIV THE DONNING OF long trousers MOST savage races surround the physical ... long trousers."

2. The Making of Herbert Hoover by Rose Wilder Lane (1920)
"He stepped bravely out to meet it, lugging his telescope bag, and stood hesitating, in his long trousers and little round jacket, very conscious that he was ..."

3. St. Nicholas by Mary Mapes Dodge (1898)
"And long trousers, too ?' I asked, for it was the fashion in those days for boys to wear short jackets and breeches until they were about ten or eleven, ..."

4. First Spanish Course by Elijah Clarence Hills, Jeremiah Denis Matthias Ford (1917)
"Do boys ten years old ( = of ten years) wear long trousers? ... They never wear long trousers. 4. Men wear long trousers and coats and waistcoats (vests). ..."

5. General Kenney Reports: A Personal History of the Pacific War by George C. Kenney (1997)
"I put out an order requiring everyone in the Fifth Air Force to wear long trousers and long sleeves. The funny thing about it was that it not only made ..."

6. Encyclopaedia of Etiquette: What to Write, what to Wear, what to Do, what to by Emily Holt (1915)
"His dress should consist, in winter, of long trousers of melton, kersey or cords; an ankle- long double-breasted greatcoat of the same goods as the trousers ..."

7. Correct Social Usage: A Course of Instruction in Good Form, Style and Deportment by George Rippey Stewart (1906)
"His master or mistress is called upon to decide whether, with the long coat, boots and breeches or long trousers should be worn. ..."

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