Definition of Loosening

1. Noun. An occurrence of control or strength weakening. "The slackening of the wind"

Exact synonyms: Relaxation, Slackening
Generic synonyms: Weakening
Specialized synonyms: Thaw
Derivative terms: Loosen, Loosen, Relax, Relax, Slacken

2. Noun. The act of making something less tight.
Exact synonyms: Laxation
Specialized synonyms: Undoing, Unfastening, Untying
Generic synonyms: Adjustment, Alteration, Modification
Derivative terms: Loosen, Loosen, Loosen
Antonyms: Tightening

Definition of Loosening

1. Verb. (present participle of loosen) ¹

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Definition of Loosening

1. loosen [v] - See also: loosen

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Literary usage of Loosening

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Annual Record of Science and Industry for 1871-78 by Spencer Fullerton Baird (1879)
"Effect of loosening the Surface of the Soil upon Evaporation. ... loosening the top of the soil helps the second process by exposing more surface to the air ..."

2. Railroad Construction by Charles Lee Crandall (1913)
"Often two or more of these items are combined, as loosening and loading in steam ... loosening.—All materials excepting possibly sand require loosening for ..."

3. Coffee and India-rubber Culture in Mexico: Preceeded by Geographical and by Matías Romero (1898)
"loosening the Earth.—In places where the earth is very compact, and fertilizers are ... The cost of loosening the earth, according to this system, is in. ..."

4. Railroad Construction: Theory and Practice : a Textbook for the Use of by Walter Loring Webb (1903)
"loosening. 2. Loading. 3. Hauling. 4. Spreading. 5. ... loosening, (a) Ploughs. Very light sandy soils can frequently be shovelled without any previous ..."

5. Excavation by Allen Boyer McDaniel (1919)
"The tools and methods used in loosening soils largely depend on the nature and magnitude of the work, the kind of soil, the amount of material to be handled ..."

6. Earthwork and Its Cost: A Handbook of Earth Excavation by Halbert Powers Gillette (1920)
"There are three methods in common use for loosening earth: (1) picking, (2) plowing, and (3) by explosives. Many materials are loosened and loaded at the ..."

7. Concrete Costs: Tables and Recommendations for Estimating the Time and Cost by Frederick Winslow Taylor, Sanford Eleazer Thompson (1912)
"loosening GRAVEL WITH PICKS Item (8) in Table 50, page 261, ... In loosening gravel in a bank for concrete, assuming 5 shovelers per cart each holding a ..."

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