Definition of Low explosive

1. Noun. An explosive with a low rate of combustion.

Generic synonyms: Explosive
Specialized synonyms: Firework, Pyrotechnic
Antonyms: High Explosive

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Literary usage of Low explosive

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Physics and Chemistry of Mining and Mine Ventilation: A Practical Handbook by Joseph James Walsh (1918)
"Arguments put forth in support of the above statement are based on the fact that in ordinary air containing methane, from 5.5 per cent, the low explosive ..."

2. Proceedings of the Lake Superior Mining Institute ... Annual Meeting by Lake Superior Mining Institute (1917)
"Practically all sporting and ammunition powders belong to the low explosive class. Heavy ordnance frequently contains both classes: low explosives being ..."

3. The FBI Laboratory: An Investigation Into Laboratory Practices and Alleged by Michael R. Bromwich (1998)
"Thurman then said that a single base low explosive does not have nitroglycerin, while a double base explosive does. Whitehurst complains that "[t]here are ..."

4. Landmines: Legacy of Conflict: A Manual for Development Workers by Rae McGrath (1998)
"2 The detonator The detonator is the second link in the chain and is simply a low explosive set off by the activation of the fuse or igniter. ..."

5. Blasting: A Handbook for the Use of Engineers and Others Engaged in Mining by Oscar Guttmann (1906)
"Very soft stone also can be worked more profitably by dynamite, because the comparatively slow action of a low explosive would be to some extent lost by the ..."

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