Definition of Luckless

1. Adjective. Having or bringing misfortune. "Friday the 13th is an unlucky date"

Exact synonyms: Unlucky
Also: Unfortunate
Similar to: Hexed, Jinxed
Antonyms: Lucky

Definition of Luckless

1. a. Being without luck; unpropitious; unfortunate; unlucky; meeting with ill success or bad fortune; as, a luckless gamester; a luckless maid.

Definition of Luckless

1. Adjective. Unsuccessful, in a failing manner. ¹

2. Adjective. Without luck. ¹

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Definition of Luckless

1. unlucky [adj] - See also: unlucky

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Literary usage of Luckless

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Ancient Poetry and Romances of Spain by John Bowring (1824)
"O, wretched one! in luckless day I knew thee"—thus the palmer said— " Thy maid is dead ... O, luckless knight! Whose flower of hope death thus could blight. ..."

2. Two Years in the Jungle: The Experiences of a Hunter and Naturalist in India by William Temple Hornaday (1885)
"luckless Gibbon-hunting. — luckless Wild-hog Hunting. — Mud and Thorns.—Picturesque Vegetation.—Fresh-water Turtles and Fishes.—Return to the Sadong. ..."

3. A Complete Word and Phrase Concordance to the Poems and Songs of Robert by J. B. Reid (1889)
"luckless Fortune. in luckless hour, Made me the thrall of care. S. Now Spring has clad\ On Life's rough ocean luckless starr*d ! 7V» a Mountain-Daisy. ..."

4. Our Wild Indians: Thirty-three Years Personal Experience Among the Red Men by Richard Irving Dodge (1884)
"... Hamstring—Butchered at Leisure — The "Good Old Times" — Terrified Animals — Fun in Mid-Winter — Traps and Snares— luckless Anglers — Abhorrence of Fish ..."

5. The Gentleman's Magazine (1877)
"luckless LOVE'S INTERPRETER." THE event in which so much success had fallen to the share of Victor Heron had not, on the whole, turned out badly for his ..."

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