Definition of Ludi saeculares

1. Noun. The centennial rites and games of ancient Rome that marked the commencement of a new generation (100 years representing the longest life in a generation); observances may have begun as early as the 5th century BC and lasted well into the Christian era.

Exact synonyms: Secular Games
Generic synonyms: Celebration, Festivity
Language type: Plural, Plural Form

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Literary usage of Ludi saeculares

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities by William Smith (1891)
"But its significance can be gathered from the celebration of certain games, which in later times indeed were called ludi saeculares, but in early times Ludi ..."

2. A School Dictionary of Greek & Roman Antiquities by William Smith (1851)
"ludi saeculares. During the time of the republic these games were called ludi ... not till the time of Augustus that they bore the name of ludi saeculares. ..."

3. The Remains of Ancient Rome by John Henry Middleton (1892)
"The other column, found at the same place, is inscribed Re,coni of with the record of the celebration of the ludi saeculares in the year 204 AD, ..."

4. Roman Historical Sources and Institutions by Henry Arthur Sanders (1904)
"But if we assume that the singing of a hymn like that of Horace formed a part of the religions exercises of the third day in Domitian's ludi saeculares, ..."

5. The Worship of Augustus Caesar: Derived from a Study of Coins, Monuments by Alexander Del Mar (1899)
"When the dates of the ludi saeculares are arranged in tabular form, the motive of the alteration will be more clearly perceived; it was evidently done in ..."

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