Definition of Luganda

1. Noun. The Bantu language of the Buganda people; spoken in Uganda.

Generic synonyms: Bantoid Language, Bantu

Definition of Luganda

1. Proper noun. a language spoken mostly in Uganda ¹

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Literary usage of Luganda

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Bulletin of the New York Public Library by New York Public Library (1909)
"Letters and syllables and the Commandments in luganda.) London: Society for Promoting ... luganda phrases and idioms. (luganda is the language of Uganda. ..."

2. The Baganda at Home: With One Hundred Pictures of Life and Work in Uganda by Charles W. Hattersley (1908)
"... more Begging—A Twelve-year-old ' Headman'— House-masters and Boys — Theft and Appeal— Return of the Stolen Money—No luganda Word for Con- IT is really ..."

3. Two Hundred Years: The History of the Society for Promoting Christian by William Osborne Bird Allen, Edmund McClure (1898)
"luganda Primer (Uganda). GL Pilkington. Malagasy Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Communion Africa). D. Clement Scott. Swahili Historical Reader. ..."

4. Introductory Sketch of the Bantu Languages by Alice Werner (1919)
"*Elements of luganda Grammar (Exercises and Vocabulary. ... Manuel de Langue luganda, par LL et CD des Peres Blancs (Grammar and Tales). ..."

5. Subject Index of the Modern Works Added to the British Museum Libraryby British Museum Dept. of Printed Books, Dept. of Printed Books, British Museum by British Museum Dept. of Printed Books, Dept. of Printed Books, British Museum (1906)
"PILKINGTON (GL) and COOK (AR) luganda Proverbs, pp. 31. Lond. ... The Morning and Evening Prayer and Litany, in luganda. pp. 31. Lond. 1901. 8*. 04429. c. ..."

6. The Uganda Protectorate: An Attempt to Give Some Description of the Physical by Harry Hamilton Johnston (1902)
"luganda possesses fifteen out of the sixteen original Bantu prefixes, ... O'ju- and A'ja- may thus have originated locally in luganda and Runyoro without ..."

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