Definition of Lungees

1. lungee [n] - See also: lungee

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Literary usage of Lungees

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Reports and Papers, Political, Geographical, & Commercial Submitted to by Alexander Burnes, Robert Leech, Perceval Barton Lord, John Wood (1839)
"Their chief customers for costly lungees are the ... The great defect in the beauty of all lungees is that they have a seam in the center, ..."

2. A Geographical Account of Countries Round the Bay of Bengal, 1669 to 1679 by Thomas Bowrey (1905)
"... Herba lungees and other sorts of herba goods might be made neare and brought hither, and noe where so good herba goods procurable, The waters of ..."

3. An Account of the British Settlement of Aden in Arabia by Frederick Mercer Hunter (1877)
"... lungees, turbans, and waistbands. Bombay machine-made goods are imported in pieces of 72 yards in length, and in various widths, as under :— 26 inches ..."

4. The Cyclopædia of India and of Eastern and Southern Asia: Commercial by Edward Balfour (1885)
"The higher classes are somewhat better dressed, and carry lungees or scarfs, which they throw around their shoulders in exactly the same manner as a Scotch ..."

5. The Argonaut (1877)
"... head-shawls, and lungees ; veritable coffee- coloured sepoys, with the black moustache and white eyeballs, familiar" to us in pictures of the mutiny. ..."

6. British India Analyzed: The Provincial and Revenue Establishments of Tippoo by Charles Francis Greville (1795)
"... and maintained on an allotment of 10 Begas of ground to each individual — 45000 Mo- lungees, ..."

7. Report on the Old Records of the India Office: With Supplementary Note and by George Christopher Molesworth Birdwood (1890)
"... and Painted Porcelain—an immense quantity; also Japan ware. To be seen at Leaden Hall:—Piece Goods, among which, Ginghams, " Herba lungees" ..."

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