Definition of Lymph node

1. Noun. The source of lymph and lymphocytes.

Definition of Lymph node

1. Noun. (context: anatomy immunology) Small oval bodies of the lymphatic system, distributed along the lymphatic vessels, that are clustered in the armpits, groin, neck, chest and abdomen. They act as filters, with an internal honeycomb of connective tissue filled with lymphocytes and macrophages that collect and destroy bacteria, viruses and foreign matter from lymph. When the body is fighting an infection, these lymphocytes multiply rapidly and produce a characteristic swelling of the lymph nodes. ¹

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Medical Definition of Lymph node

1. Small bean-shaped organ made up of a loose meshwork of reticular tissue in which are enmeshed large numbers of lymphocytes, macrophages and accessory cells located along the lymphatic system. Recirculating lymphocytes leave the blood through the specialised high endothelial venules of the lymph node and pass through the node before being returned to the blood through the lymphatic system. Because the lymph nodes act as drainage points for tissue fluids, they are also regions in which foreign antigens present in the tissue fluid are most likely to begin to elicit an immune response. Nodes filter out bacteria or cancer cells that may travel through the lymphatic system. Synonym: lymph glands. (14 Oct 1997)

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Literary usage of Lymph node

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"Rabbit C.—Bilateral testicular inoculation, with the popliteal lymph node of Rabbit B. At the time of operation, 3 months later, there was a nodular ..."

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"Mesenteric lymph node: Whole alcohol-fixed mesenteric lymph nodes were too thick ... Slices of formalin-fixed lymph node remained intact during the clearing ..."

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"MICROSCOPICAL SECTION OF RETROPERITONEAL LYMPH-NODE. Note masses of large cells separated by areas of normal pulp-cells. Several cells with multiple nuclei ..."

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"... as in the compound lymph node; the lymph simply filters through the reticulum, the same being a part of the lymph- channel system of the tissue in which ..."

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"At post-mortem examination the mesenteric lymph node of 23 was enlarged to 3 times its normal weight. There \vere no macroscopic changes in the intestines. ..."

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"Diagram illustrating architecture of lymph-node. in which elastic fibres and ... Section of small lymph-node through hilum. X 23. which thus subdivide the ..."

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