Definition of Lymphad

1. a large rowing boat [n -S]

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Literary usage of Lymphad

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. English Heraldry by Charles Boutell (1867)
"A lymphad sable, on waves of the sea, is also borne on a field argent by the ... lymphad. No. 276.—Arms of Hastings. lappet, worn in the time of HENRY L, ..."

2. Heraldry, Ancient and Modern: Including Boutell's Heraldry by Charles Boutell, S. T. Aveling (1890)
"Galley or lymphad.—An ancient ship having one mast, but also propelled by oars. It is blazoned with its sails furled and with its colours flying. ..."

3. History of Scottish Seals from the Eleventh to the Seventeenth Century, with by Walter de Gray Birch (1907)
"His shield is quarterly—1.4. three cinquefoils for Hamilton, 2.3. a lymphad for Arran. This prelate's motto is— MISERICORDIA . ET . ..."

4. Scottish Armorial Seals by William Rae Macdonald (1904)
"A lymphad under sail (the Isles). 3rd: An eagle. 4th : A dexter hand issuing from the base holding a sword bend sinister-ways. The four quarters within a ..."

5. An Alphabetical Dictionary of Coats of Arms Belonging to Families in Great by John Woody Papworth (1874)
"Fess Gyronny of eight or and SB. for Campbell; quartering second or a fess chequy arg. and az. for Stewart; and third arf>. a lymphad her sails furled and ..."

6. The Scottish Historical Review by Company of Scottish History (1908)
"It is scarcely necessary to produce more evidence of the fact that this lymphad is a paternal not an official bearing, than that we have found it, ..."

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