Definition of Machine readable

1. Adjective. Suitable for feeding directly into a computer.

Exact synonyms: Computer Readable
Category relationships: Computer Science, Computing
Partainyms: Machine Code

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Literary usage of Machine readable

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Urban Change and Poverty by Michael G. H. McGeary, Laurence E. Lynn (1988)
"Machine-Readable Files, March Surveys. Washington, DC: US Department of Commerce. 1970 County Business Patterns. Machine-Read able Files. ..."

2. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1883)
"Six organizations in the United States, including one commercial organization, also are now offering public searches of CAS machine-readable data files. ..."

3. Food Composition Data: A User's Perspective by William M. Rand (1987)
"Verified data from a reputable source in machine-readable form helps to assure the ... These data should also be distributed in machine-readable form. ..."

4. Border Security: Consular Identification Cards Accepted Within U.s., But by Laurie E. Ekstrand (2004)
"8 USC § 1504 Cancellation of illegally, fraudulently, or erroneously obtained US passports and Consular Reports of Birth. • 8 USC § 1713(c) Machine-readable ..."

5. Code of Federal Regulations by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Staff (2005)
"Each label must have machine-readable information that contains, ... The machine-readable information must: (A) Be unique to the blood or blood component; ..."

6. Assessment of Frameworks Useful for Public Land Recreation Planningby Stephen F. McCool by Stephen F. McCool (2008)
"Leading zeros in a census tract number (for example, 002502) are shown only on machine- readable files. Census tract numbers range from 0001 through ..."

7. Guide to Writing the Security Features Users Guide for Trusted Systems by David M. Chizmadia (1991)
"3.4.2 Importing Machine-Readable Objects The mechanisms for a user to introduce a machine-readable object into the system from an external source (eg, tape, ..."

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