Definition of Madeiras

1. Noun. A group of volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean to the west of Morocco; the group forms an autonomous region of Portugal.

Exact synonyms: Madeira Islands
Group relationships: Portugal, Portuguese Republic
Terms within: Madeira
Generic synonyms: Archipelago

Definition of Madeiras

1. Proper noun. Madeira (archipelago). ¹

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Definition of Madeiras

1. madeira [n] - See also: madeira

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Literary usage of Madeiras

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Australia, Our Colonies, and Other Islands of the Sea by Frank George Carpenter (1904)
"THE madeiras AND THE AZORES LAS PALMAS has frequent ships to the madeiras, and we have no trouble in getting a vessel which takes us northward to Funchal, ..."

2. Records of Captain Clapperton's Last Expedition to Africa by Richard Lander (1830)
"CHAPTER I. List of the Gentlemen and others engaged in the Mission—The Brazen sails from Portsmouth—Touches at the madeiras, Canaries, and Cape de Verd ..."

3. Universal History Americanised, Or, An Historical View of the World from the by David Ramsay (1819)
"madeiras. These islands are two in number, and, according to several writers, were first discovered in 1344, by an Englishman of the name of Ovington; ..."

4. The Second Book of History: Including the Modern History of Europe, Africa by Samuel Griswold Goodrich (1840)
"The Islands surrounding Africa are the Azores or Western Islands, the madeiras, Canaries, Cape Verde Islands, island^ of the Gulf of Guinea, St. Helena, ..."

5. Oriental Commerce, Or, The East India Trader's Complete Guide: Containing a by William Milburn, Thomas Thornton (1825)
"X HE madeiras are a group of islands, consisting of Porto Sancto, the Desertas, and Madeira. PORTO SANCTO, the northernmost, in latitude 33° 5' N. and ..."

6. Brown's Madeira, Canary Islands, and Azores: A Practical and Complete Guide by A. Samler Brown (1903)
"Numerous both in the madeiras and Canaries, but the number of species wanting. ... Four species are known in the madeiras, and D. Ramon Gomez states that ..."

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