Definition of Magic bullet

1. Noun. A remedy (drug or therapy or preventive) that cures or prevents a disease. "There is no magic bullet against cancer"

Category relationships: Drug
Generic synonyms: Curative, Cure, Remedy, Therapeutic

Definition of Magic bullet

1. Noun. (idiomatic) A simple remedy to a difficult or complex problem, especially a cure for a disease. Often used to refer to a non-existent, overly simplistic remedy. ¹

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Literary usage of Magic bullet

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. In Music Land: A Handbook for Young People by George Putnam Upton (1913)
"In this opera he tells you how Max, the lover, secures Agatha, his sweetheart, by the use of this magic bullet. There is a wonderful scene in the Wolf's ..."

2. The Genomic Revolution by National Academies Press (COR), National Academies (U.S.), Conference, Keck Futures Initiative (2006)
"The studies that the group proposed could be geared toward improving the "one size fits all" method by looking for a "magic bullet" that would really fit ..."

3. Emil Von Behring: Infectious Disease, Immunology, Serum Therapy by Derek S. Linton (2005)
"... proposing instead the concept of a specific vaccine or therapy, a 'magic bullet' for each disease, to be discovered by the heroic scientific warriors. ..."

4. Learning from Change: Issues and Experiences in Participatory Monitoring and by Marisol Estrella (2000)
"Beyond the magic bullet, London: Earthscan Publications. Edwards, Michael and David Hulme (eds) (1995) Non-Governmental Organizations - Performance and ..."

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