Definition of Magnoliopsid genus

1. Noun. Genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination.

Exact synonyms: Dicot Genus
Generic synonyms: Genus
Specialized synonyms: Magnoliid Dicot Genus, Hamamelid Dicot Genus, Caryophylloid Dicot Genus, Dilleniid Dicot Genus, Asterid Dicot Genus, Rosid Dicot Genus, Genus Myrica, Myrica, Comptonia, Genus Comptonia, Genus Leitneria, Leitneria, Apocynum, Genus Apocynum, Acocanthera, Acokanthera, Genus Acocanthera, Genus Acokanthera, Adenium, Genus Adenium, Genus Allamanda, Alstonia, Genus Alstonia, Amsonia, Genus Amsonia, Beaumontia, Genus Beaumontia, Genus Carissa, Catharanthus, Genus Catharanthus, Genus Holarrhena, Holarrhena, Dipladenia, Genus Dipladenia, Genus Mandevilla, Mandevilla, Genus Nerium, Nerium, Genus Plumeria, Plumeria, Plumiera, Genus Rauvolfia, Genus Rauwolfia, Genus Strophanthus, Genus Tabernaemontana, Tabernaemontana, Genus Thevetia, Thevetia, Genus Trachelospermum, Trachelospermum, Genus Vinca, Vinca, Aristolochia, Genus Aristolochia, Asarum, Genus Asarum, Genus Nopalea, Nopalea, Genus Primula, Anagallis, Genus Anagallis, Centunculus, Genus Centunculus, Genus Cyclamen, Genus Glaux, Glaux, Genus Hottonia, Hottonia, Genus Lysimachia, Lysimachia, Genus Samolus, Samolus, Genus Myrsine, Myrsine, Ardisia, Genus Ardisia, Genus Plumbago, Armeria, Genus Armeria, Genus Limonium, Limonium, Genus Jacquinia, Jacquinia, Cucurbita, Genus Cucurbita, Genus Bryonia, Citrullus, Genus Citrullus, Cucumis, Genus Cucumis, Ecballium, Genus Ecballium, Genus Lagenaria, Lagenaria, Genus Luffa, Genus Momordica, Momordica, Goodenia, Genus Lobelia, Bartle Frere, Genus Bartle-frere, Green Dinosaur, Genus Protea, Genus Banksia, Conospermum, Genus Conospermum, Embothrium, Genus Embothrium, Genus Guevina, Guevina, Genus Grevillea, Genus Hakea, Hakea, Genus Knightia, Knightia, Genus Lambertia, Lambertia, Genus Leucadendron, Leucadendron, Genus Lomatia, Genus Macadamia, Genus Orites, Orites, Genus Persoonia, Persoonia, Genus Stenocarpus, Stenocarpus, Genus Telopea, Telopea, Genus Xylomelum, Xylomelum, Genus Casuarina, Clethra, Genus Clethra, Centaurium, Genus Centaurium, Eustoma, Genus Eustoma, Exacum, Genus Exacum, Frasera, Genus Frasera, Gentiana, Genus Gentiana, Gentianella, Genus Gentianella, Gentianopsis, Genus Gentianopsis, Genus Halenia, Halenia, Genus Sabbatia, Genus Swertia, Swertia, Genus Salvadora, Salvadora, Genus Olea, Olea, Chionanthus, Genus Chionanthus, Genus Forestiera, Genus Forsythia, Fraxinus, Genus Fraxinus, Genus Jasminum, Jasminum, Genus Ligustrum, Ligustrum, Genus Osmanthus, Osmanthus, Genus Phillyrea, Phillyrea, Genus Syringa, Syringa, Genus Hamamelidanthum, Hamamelidanthum, Genus Hamamelidoxylon, Hamamelidoxylon, Genus Hamamelites, Hamamelites, Genus Juglans, Juglans, Carya, Genus Carya, Genus Pterocarya, Pterocarya, Genus Combretum, Conocarpus, Genus Conocarpus, Elaeagnus, Genus Elaeagnus, Genus Myriophyllum, Myriophyllum, Genus Grias, Grias, Bertholletia, Genus Bertholletia, Genus Lythrum, Lythrum, Genus Myrtus, Myrtus, Genus Pimenta, Pimenta, Eugenia, Genus Eugenia, Genus Feijoa, Genus Jambos, Jambos, Genus Myrciaria, Myrcia, Myrciaria, Genus Psidium, Psidium, Genus Eucalyptus, Genus Syzygium, Syzygium, Genus Nyssa, Nyssa, Genus Fuchsia, Genus Oenothera, Oenothera, Genus Punica, Punica, Genus Rhizophora, Rhizophora, Genus Daphne, Dirca, Genus Dirca, Genus Trapa, Trapa, Genus Urtica, Urtica, Boehmeria, Genus Boehmeria, Genus Helxine, Genus Soleirolia, Helxine, Soleirolia, Genus Laportea, Laportea, Genus Parietaria, Parietaria, Genus Pilea, Pilea, Genus Pipturus, Pipturus, Genus Cannabis, Genus Humulus, Humulus, Genus Morus, Morus, Genus Maclura, Maclura, Artocarpus, Genus Artocarpus, Ficus, Genus Ficus, Broussonetia, Genus Broussonetia, Cecropia, Genus Cecropia, Genus Ulmus, Ulmus, Celtis, Genus Celtis, Genus Planera, Planera, Genus Trema, Trema, Genus Menyanthes, Menyanthes, Genus Logania, Logania, Genus Buddleia, Gelsemium, Genus Gelsemium, Genus Plantago, Plantago, Genus Polygonum, Polygonum, Fagopyrum, Genus Fagopyrum, Genus Eriogonum, Genus Rheum, Rheum, Genus Rumex, Rumex, Dodonaea, Genus Dodonaea, Genus Sapindus, Sapindus, Blighia, Genus Blighia, Cardiospermum, Genus Cardiospermum, Dimocarpus, Genus Dimocarpus, Genus Harpullia, Genus Litchi, Genus Melicocca, Genus Melicoccus, Melicocca, Melicoccus, Genus Nephelium, Nephelium, Buxus, Genus Buxus, Genus Pachysandra, Celastrus, Genus Celastrus, Euonymus, Genus Euonymus, Genus Cyrilla, Cliftonia, Genus Cliftonia, Empetrum, Genus Empetrum, Acer, Genus Acer, Dipteronia, Genus Dipteronia, Genus Ilex, Ilex, Anacardium, Genus Anacardium, Astronium, Genus Astronium, Cotinus, Genus Cotinus, Genus Malosma, Malosma, Genus Mangifera, Mangifera, Genus Pistacia, Pistacia, Genus Rhodosphaera, Rhodosphaera, Genus Rhus, Rhus, Genus Schinus, Schinus, Genus Spondias, Spondias, Genus Toxicodendron, Toxicodendron, Aesculus, Genus Aesculus, Genus Staphylea, Staphylea, Diospyros, Genus Diospyros, Achras, Genus Achras, Bumelia, Genus Bumelia, Calocarpum, Genus Calocarpum, Chrysophyllum, Genus Chrysophyllum, Genus Manilkara, Manilkara, Genus Palaquium, Palaquium, Genus Payena, Payena, Genus Pouteria, Pouteria, Genus Symplocus, Symplocus, Genus Styrax, Genus Halesia, Halesia, Genus Sarracenia, Sarracenia, Darlingtonia, Genus Darlingtonia, Genus Heliamphora, Heliamphora, Genus Nepenthes, Nepenthes, Drosera, Genus Drosera, Dionaea, Genus Dionaea, Aldrovanda, Genus Aldrovanda, Drosophyllum, Genus Drosophyllum, Genus Roridula, Cordia, Genus Cordia, Genus Convolvulus, Argyreia, Genus Argyreia, Calystegia, Genus Calystegia, Cuscuta, Genus Cuscuta, Genus Dichondra, Genus Ipomoea, Ipomoea, Genus Monardella, Monardella, Genus Rhamnus, Rhamnus, Colubrina, Genus Colubrina, Genus Ziziphus, Ziziphus, Genus Paliurus, Paliurus, Genus Pomaderris, Pomaderris, Genus Vitis, Vitis, Genus Parthenocissus, Parthenocissus, Genus Piper, Piper, Genus Peperomia, Chloranthus, Genus Chloranthus, Genus Saururus, Saururus, Anemopsis, Genus Anemopsis, Genus Houttuynia, Houttuynia, Asclepias, Genus Asclepias, Araujia, Genus Araujia, Genus Cynancum, Genus Hoya, Genus Periploca, Periploca, Genus Sarcostemma, Sarcostemma, Genus Stapelia, Genus Stephanotis, Genus Vincetoxicum, Vincetoxicum
Group relationships: Class Dicotyledonae, Class Dicotyledones, Class Magnoliopsida, Dicotyledonae, Dicotyledones, Magnoliopsida

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