Definition of Major suit

1. Noun. (bridge) a suit of superior scoring value, either spades or hearts.

Category relationships: Bridge
Member holonyms: Heart, Spade
Generic synonyms: Suit

Definition of Major suit

1. Noun. (bridge) Either of the suits of spades (?) and hearts (?), which rank higher than the minor suits (diamonds and clubs). ¹

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Literary usage of Major suit

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Foster on Auction: A Complete Exposition of the Latest Developments of by Robert Frederick Foster (1918)
"There are only three combinations of cards that will exactly fulfil the requirements for a major-suit bid, regardless of the rest of the hand. ..."

2. Auction Methods Up-to-date by Milton Cooper Work (1920)
"WHEN MORE THAN ONE OF A major suit HAS BEEN DECLARED The bid of two or more ... Weakness in the partner's suit and strength in the other major suit is far ..."

3. Auction Developments by Milton C. Work (1913)
"TAKING OUT A NO TRUMP WITH STRENGTH IN A major suit The strength take-out of a No Trump by a bid of two of a major suit, ..."

4. Foster's Auction Made Easy: A Text Book for the Beginner, the Average Player by Robert Frederick Foster (1920)
"When the dealer starts with a bid of one in a major suit, ... In case the partner holds the other major suit, that is no excuse for taking the dealer out, ..."

5. Expert Auction: A Clear Exposition of the Game as Actually Played by Experts by Edward Valentine Shepard, Whist Club, New York (1916)
"Regardless of his no-trump support for his partner's call, a player of this system always overcalls with a 5-card major suit. His bid of Two in a minor suit ..."

6. Foster's Pirate Bridge: The Latest Development of Auction Bridge, with the by Robert Frederick Foster (1917)
"All major-suit bids ask for assistance from any player who can support the trump with winning ... Minor-suit bids want a change; major-suit bids do not. ..."

7. Nullo Auction by Florence Irwin (1914)
"Granted a strong major-suit and strong side- support, we always open with a one-bid. But if we hold one major-suit, and are very weak in the other, ..."

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