Definition of Make happy

1. Verb. Celebrate noisily, often indulging in drinking; engage in uproarious festivities. "Let's whoop it up--the boss is gone!"

Exact synonyms: Jollify, Make Merry, Make Whoopie, Racket, Revel, Wassail, Whoop It Up
Generic synonyms: Celebrate, Fete
Specialized synonyms: Carouse, Riot, Roister
Derivative terms: Jollification, Merrymaking, Racket, Revel, Reveller, Revelry, Wassailer

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Literary usage of Make happy

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle by Jane Welsh Carlyle (1883)
"happiness, and has such sublimely insane faith in its own power to make happy and be happy. But of your father ? Who is to cheer his toilsome life, ..."

2. The Child's Book on the Soul: Two Parts in One by Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, John Warner Barber (1839)
"Whom will GOD make happy ? Whom will GOD not make happy ? How should you fear GOD ? If you love and obey GOD, how will He use his great power towards you ? ..."

3. Graham's Magazine by Graham, George R, Edgar Allan Poe, John Davis Batchelder Collection (Library of Congress) (1852)
"After all, how gaudily lile wears away ! why should we not make the best of it ? why not take the love and kindness that are offered, and make happy those ..."

4. An Etymological Dictionary of the English Language by Walter William Skeat (1893)
"Lat. beatificare, to make happy. ... to make happy, to bless, from the same source as bene, well, and bonus, good ; see Bounty. Der. beatific, beatific-al, ..."

5. The National Preacher by Austin Dickinson (1851)
"You have an employer whom you can make happy by letting him see that you make his interests your own, and are faithful even in the smallest things. ..."

6. Revivals: How and When? by William Whiting Newell (1882)
"GODLY CHILDREN make happy HOUSEHOLDS. Instead of dragging through life with crushing fear that darling children may die in their sins, parents are filled ..."

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