Definition of Male reproductive gland

1. Noun. The reproductive organs of a man.

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Literary usage of Male reproductive gland

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Shell Book: A Popular Guide to a Knowledge of the Families of Living by Julia Ellen Rogers (1908)
"... i, oesophagus heart intestine d. duct of male reproductive gland kidney liver female reproductive gland male reproductive gland A TYPICAL UNIVALVE SHELL ..."

2. An Examination of Weismannism by George John Romanes (1899)
"The essential elements in the male seminal fluid, and secreted by the testis—the male reproductive gland. Stirp (Galton).—See p. 58. ..."

3. The Popular Science Review: A Quarterly Miscellany of Entertaining and (1869)
"... male reproductive gland of Salpa B surrounds the intestine like a network. Since its stages of development are later than those of the ovary of the same ..."

4. Journal of Anatomy and Physiology by Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland (1890)
"... a large section of the same has gone over to the service of the male reproductive gland; and that which remains is seen to be variable to an unexpected ..."

5. The Standard Natural History by John Sterling Kingsley, Frederich Anton Heller von Hellwald, Elliott Coues (1884)
"... i, male reproductive gland. prey. The general positions and relations of the viscera can be seen from our figures, and need not be described at length. ..."

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