Definition of Mammal genus

1. Noun. A genus of mammals.

Group relationships: Craniata, Subphylum Craniata, Subphylum Vertebrata, Vertebrata
Specialized synonyms: Genus Tachyglossus, Tachyglossus, Genus Zaglossus, Zaglossus, Genus Ornithorhynchus, Ornithorhynchus, Didelphis, Genus Didelphis, Caenolestes, Genus Caenolestes, Genus Macrotis, Macrotis, Genus Macropus, Macropus, Genus Lagorchestes, Lagorchestes, Genus Onychogalea, Onychogalea, Genus Petrogale, Petrogale, Genus Thylogale, Thylogale, Dendrolagus, Genus Dendrolagus, Genus Hypsiprymnodon, Hypsiprymnodon, Genus Potorous, Potorous, Bettongia, Genus Bettongia, Genus Phalanger, Genus Trichosurus, Trichosurus, Genus Petaurus, Petaurus, Acrobates, Genus Acrobates, Genus Phascolarctos, Phascolarctos, Dasyurus, Genus Dasyurus, Genus Thylacinus, Thylacinus, Genus Sarcophilus, Sarcophilus, Genus Phascogale, Phascogale, Genus Myrmecobius, Myrmecobius, Genus Notoryctus, Notoryctus, Condylura, Genus Condylura, Genus Parascalops, Parascalops, Chrysochloris, Genus Chrysochloris, Genus Uropsilus, Uropsilus, Genus Neurotrichus, Neurotrichus, Genus Sorex, Sorex, Blarina, Genus Blarina, Genus Neomys, Neomys, Cryptotis, Genus Cryptotis, Erinaceus, Genus Erinaceus, Genus Tenrec, Genus Potamogale, Balaena, Genus Balaena, Balaenoptera, Genus Balaenoptera, Genus Megaptera, Megaptera, Eschrichtius, Genus Eschrichtius, Genus Physeter, Physeter, Genus Kogia, Kogia, Genus Hyperoodon, Hyperoodon, Delphinus, Genus Delphinus, Genus Tursiops, Tursiops, Genus Phocoena, Phocoena, Genus Grampus, Genus Orcinus, Orcinus, Genus Globicephala, Globicephala, Genus Monodon, Monodon, Delphinapterus, Genus Delphinapterus, Genus Trichecus, Trichechus, Genus Dugong, Genus Hydrodamalis, Hydrodamalis, Arctocephalus, Genus Arctocephalus, Callorhinus, Genus Callorhinus, Genus Otaria, Otaria, Genus Zalophus, Zalophus, Eumetopias, Genus Eumetopias, Genus Phoca, Phoca, Genus Pagophilus, Pagophilus, Genus Mirounga, Mirounga, Erignathus, Genus Erignathus, Cystophora, Genus Cystophora, Genus Odobenus, Odobenus, Genus Orycteropus, Orycteropus, Canis, Genus Canis, Cuon, Cyon, Genus Cuon, Genus Cyon, Dusicyon, Genus Dusicyon, Genus Nyctereutes, Nyctereutes, Genus Lycaeon, Lycaeon, Genus Hyaena, Crocuta, Genus Crocuta, Genus Proteles, Proteles, Genus Vulpes, Vulpes, Alopex, Genus Alopex, Genus Urocyon, Urocyon, Felis, Genus Felis, Genus Lynx, Genus Panthera, Panthera, Acinonyx, Genus Acinonyx, Genus Smiledon, Smiledon, Genus Nimravus, Nimravus, Genus Ursus, Ursus, Euarctos, Genus Euarctos, Genus Selenarctos, Selenarctos, Genus Thalarctos, Thalarctos, Genus Melursus, Melursus, Genus Viverra, Viverra, Genus Viverricula, Viverricula, Arctictis, Genus Arctictis, Fossa, Genus Fossa, Genetta, Genus Genetta, Genus Hemigalus, Hemigalus, Genus Herpestes, Herpestes, Genus Paradoxurus, Paradoxurus, Genus Suricata, Suricata, Genus Pteropus, Pteropus, Genus Nyctimene, Nyctimene, Cynopterus, Genus Cynopterus, Genus Macrotus, Genus Phyllostomus, Phyllostomus, Choeronycteris, Genus Choeronycteris, Genus Hipposideros, Hipposideros, Genus Rhinonicteris, Rhinonicteris, Genus Megaderma, Megaderma, Genus Vespertilio, Vespertilio, Genus Lasiurus, Lasiurus, Genus Myotis, Myotis, Eptesicus, Genus Eptesicus, Antrozous, Genus Antrozous, Genus Pipistrellus, Pipistrellus, Euderma, Genus Euderma, Genus Plecotus, Plecotus, Genus Tadarida, Tadarida, Eumops, Genus Eumops, Desmodus, Genus Desmodus, Diphylla, Genus Diphylla, Genus Oryctolagus, Oryctolagus, Genus Sylvilagus, Sylvilagus, Genus Lepus, Lepus, Genus Ochotona, Ochotona, Genus Mus, Mus, Genus Micromyx, Micromyx, Apodemus, Genus Apodemus, Genus Rattus, Rattus, Genus Nesokia, Nesokia, Conilurus, Genus Conilurus, Genus Notomys, Notomys, Genus Hydromys, Hydromys, Genus Reithrodontomys, Reithrodontomys, Genus Peromyscus, Peromyscus, Baiomys, Genus Baiomys, Genus Onychomys, Onychomys, Genus Ondatra, Ondatra, Genus Neofiber, Neofiber, Genus Sigmodon, Sigmodon, Genus Neotoma, Neotoma, Genus Oryzomys, Oryzomys, Genus Pitymys, Pitymys, Genus Microtus, Microtus, Arvicola, Genus Arvicola, Clethrionomys, Genus Clethrionomys, Genus Phenacomys, Cricetus, Genus Cricetus, Genus Mesocricetus, Mesocricetus, Genus Gerbillus, Gerbillus, Genus Meriones, Meriones, Genus Lemmus, Lemmus, Genus Myopus, Myopus, Dicrostonyx, Genus Dicrostonyx, Genus Synaptomys, Synaptomys, Atherurus, Genus Atherurus, Genus Trichys, Trichys, Erethizon, Genus Erethizon, Genus Perognathus, Perognathus, Genus Liomys, Liomys, Dipodomys, Genus Dipodomys, Genus Microdipodops, Microdipodops, Genus Zapus, Zapus, Dipus, Genus Dipus, Genus Jaculus, Jaculus, Genus Glis, Glis, Genus Muscardinus, Muscardinus, Eliomys, Genus Eliomys, Genus Geomys, Geomys, Genus Thomomys, Thomomys, Genus Sciurus, Sciurus, Genus Tamiasciurus, Tamiasciurus, Citellus, Genus Citellus, Genus Spermophilus, Spermophilus, Cynomys, Genus Cynomys, Genus Tamias, Tamias, Eutamias, Genus Eutamias, Genus Glaucomys, Glaucomys, Genus Marmota, Marmota, Genus Petaurista, Petaurista, Castor, Genus Castor, Castoroides, Genus Castoroides, Aplodontia, Genus Aplodontia, Cavia, Genus Cavia, Dolichotis, Genus Dolichotis, Genus Hydrochoerus, Hydrochoerus, Dasyprocta, Genus Dasyprocta, Cuniculus, Genus Cuniculus, Genus Stictomys, Stictomys, Genus Myocastor, Myocastor, Genus Chinchilla, Genus Lagidium, Lagidium, Genus Lagostomus, Lagostomus, Abrocoma, Genus Abrocoma, Genus Spalax, Spalax, Bathyergus, Genus Bathyergus, Genus Heterocephalus, Heterocephalus, Genus Uintatherium, Uintatherium, Genus Procavia, Procavia, Equus, Genus Equus, Genus Hyracotherium, Hyracotherium, Genus Mesohippus, Genus Protohippus, Genus Rhinoceros, Ceratotherium, Genus Ceratotherium, Diceros, Genus Diceros, Genus Tapirus, Tapirus, Genus Sus, Sus, Babyrousa, Genus Babyrousa, Genus Phacochoerus, Phacochoerus, Genus Pecari, Genus Tayassu, Tayassu, Genus Hippopotamus, Bos, Genus Bos, Bubalus, Genus Bubalus, Tribe Bubalus, Genus Anoa, Genus Synercus, Synercus, Tribe Synercus, Bibos, Genus Bibos, Genus Bison, Genus Ovibos, Ovibos, Genus Ovis, Ovis, Ammotragus, Genus Ammotragus, Capra, Genus Capra, Genus Oreamnos, Oreamnos, Genus Naemorhedus, Naemorhedus, Capricornis, Genus Capricornis, Genus Rupicapra, Rupicapra, Budorcas, Genus Budorcas, Antilope, Genus Antilope, Genus Litocranius, Litocranius, Genus Addax, Connochaetes, Genus Connochaetes, Genus Madoqua, Madoqua, Alcelaphus, Genus Alcelaphus, Damaliscus, Genus Damaliscus, Aepyceros, Genus Aepyceros, Gazella, Genus Gazella, Antidorcas, Genus Antidorcas, Genus Strepsiceros, Genus Tragelaphus, Strepsiceros, Tragelaphus, Boselaphus, Genus Boselaphus, Genus Hippotragus, Hippotragus, Genus Saiga, Genus Raphicerus, Raphicerus, Genus Taurotragus, Taurotragus, Genus Kobus, Kobus, Adenota, Genus Adenota, Genus Oryx, Genus Pseudoryx, Pseudoryx, Antilocapra, Genus Antilocapra, Cervus, Genus Cervus, Genus Odocoileus, Odocoileus, Alces, Genus Alces, Dama, Genus Dama, Capreolus, Genus Capreolus, Genus Rangifer, Rangifer, Genus Mazama, Mazama, Genus Muntiacus, Muntiacus, Genus Moschus, Moschus, Elaphurus, Genus Elaphurus, Genus Tragulus, Tragulus, Genus Hyemoschus, Hyemoschus, Camelus, Genus Camelus, Genus Lama, Lama, Genus Vicugna, Vicugna, Genus Giraffa, Giraffa, Genus Okapia, Okapia, Genus Mustela, Mustela, Genus Poecilogale, Poecilogale, Genus Ictonyx, Ictonyx, Genus Lutra, Lutra, Enhydra, Genus Enhydra, Genus Mephitis, Mephitis, Conepatus, Genus Conepatus, Genus Spilogale, Spilogale, Genus Taxidea, Taxidea, Genus Meles, Meles, Genus Mellivora, Mellivora, Genus Melogale, Melogale, Arctonyx, Genus Arctonyx, Genus Gulo, Gulo, Genus Grison, Genus Galictis, Genus Martes, Martes, Charronia, Genus Charronia, Eira, Genus Eira, Dasypus, Genus Dasypus, Genus Tolypeutes, Tolypeutes, Genus Cabassous, Euphractus, Genus Euphractus, Genus Priodontes, Priodontes, Chlamyphorus, Genus Chlamyphorus, Burmeisteria, Genus Burmeisteria, Bradypus, Genus Bradypus, Choloepus, Genus Choloepus, Genus Megatherium, Megatherium, Genus Mylodon, Genus Myrmecophaga, Myrmecophaga, Cyclopes, Genus Cyclopes, Genus Tamandua, Genus Manis, Manis, Genus Homo, Australopithecus, Genus Australopithecus, Genus Plesianthropus, Plesianthropus, Genus Sivapithecus, Dryopithecus, Genus Dryopithecus, Genus Ouranopithecus, Ouranopithecus, Genus Lufengpithecus, Lufengpithecus, Genus Proconsul, Genus Kenyapithecus, Kenyapithecus, Genus Aegyptopithecus, Algeripithecus, Genus Algeripithecus, Genus Pongo, Pongo, Genus Gorilla, Genus Pan, Pan, Genus Hylobates, Hylobates, Genus Symphalangus, Symphalangus, Cercopithecus, Genus Cercopithecus, Cercocebus, Genus Cercocebus, Erythrocebus, Genus Erythrocebus, Genus Papio, Papio, Genus Mandrillus, Mandrillus, Genus Macaca, Macaca, Genus Presbytes, Mammal Semnopithecus, Presbytes, Genus Colobus, Genus Nasalis, Nasalis, Callithrix, Genus Callithrix, Cebuella, Genus Cebuella, Genus Leontideus, Genus Leontocebus, Leontocebus, Cebus, Genus Cebus, Aotus, Genus Aotus, Alouatta, Genus Alouatta, Genus Pithecia, Pithecia, Cacajao, Genus Cacajao, Callicebus, Genus Callicebus, Ateles, Genus Ateles, Genus Saimiri, Saimiri, Genus Lagothrix, Lagothrix, Genus Tupaia, Tupaia, Genus Ptilocercus, Ptilocercus, Genus Lemur, Daubentonia, Genus Daubentonia, Genus Loris, Genus Nycticebus, Nycticebus, Genus Perodicticus, Perodicticus, Arctocebus, Genus Arctocebus, Genus Galago, Genus Indri, Avahi, Genus Avahi, Genus Tarsius, Tarsius, Cynocephalus, Genus Cynocephalus, Elephas, Genus Elephas, Genus Loxodonta, Loxodonta, Genus Mammuthus, Mammuthus, Archidiskidon, Genus Archidiskidon, Genus Mammut, Genus Mastodon, Mammut, Genus Gomphotherium, Gomphotherium, Genus Procyon, Procyon, Bassariscus, Genus Bassariscus, Genus Potos, Potos, Genus Nasua, Nasua, Ailurus, Genus Ailurus, Ailuropoda, Genus Ailuropoda
Generic synonyms: Genus

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Literary usage of Mammal genus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1897)
"Should it be desirable to place the mammal genus in a separate subfamily, as Gill has already done, the designation ..."

2. British Museum Guides: Vertrbrates by British Museum (Natural History) (1906)
"j • -\ A mammal genus Capra. sheep and Goats are so closely connected that it is Case 40.] almost impossible to draw a satisfactory line of distinction ..."

3. The Mammals of Pennsylvania and New Jersey: A Biographic, Historic and by Samuel Nicholson Rhoads (1903)
"It needs no description here, being so different from any other mammal. Genus Synaptomys Baird, Mammals of North America, 1857, p. 558. Cooper's Lemming. ..."

4. The Lymphatics: General Anatomy of the Lymphatics by Gabriel Delamare, Bernard Cunéo, Cecil Huntington Leaf (1904)
"... hoofed mammal (genus Hydrax) with rhinoceros- like molar teeth, especially Hydrax Syriacus of Asia Minor, which is probably the cony of tho Scriptures. ..."

5. St. Bernard's: The Romance of a Medical Student by Edward Berdoe (1888)
"No concrete embodiment of the mammal, genus Homo, was ever the better in the smallest degree for knowing him, many specimens were very much the worse ..."

6. Exploits and Adventures of a Soldier Ashore and Afloat by William Llewellyn Adams (1911)
"and you see off the port-side a monstrous species of the mammal genus cruising and spouting like a Holland sub- ..."

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