Definition of Marble cake

1. Noun. Made of light and dark batter very lightly blended.

Generic synonyms: Cake

Definition of Marble cake

1. Noun. A cake with two or more colors of ingredients which gives a marble pattern to the interior of the cake. ¹

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Literary usage of Marble cake

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Mendelssohn Club Cook Book by Mendelssohn Club (Rockford, Ill.) (1909)
"marble cake. Cream Yi cup butter; add gradually 1J^ cups sugar, then Yz cup milk alternately with 2 cups flour sifted with 2 level ..."

2. Desserts and Salads by Gesine Lemcke (1896)
"If plain flour is used take 1% teaspoon fuls baking powder and sift it with the flour. Measure with :v cup which holds half a pint. 798. marble cake. ..."

3. Mother's Cook Book: Containing Recipes for Every Day in the Week, Including by Marion Harland (1902)
"marble cake. White Part.—Whites of seven eggs, three cups white sugar, one of butter, one of sour milk, four of flour, sifted and heaping, one teaspoon soda ..."

4. Eat Your Food! Gastronomical Glory from Garden to Gut: A Coastalfields by Aaron Brachfeld, Aaron Brachfeld and Mary Choate, Mary Choate (2007)
"marble cake Chocolate, vanilla, whole grain flour...what's not to like? Let them eat cake. Makes 2 loaves or 36 cupcakes Vanilla batter • 3/4 c. ..."

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