Definition of Marched upon

1. Adjective. Being or having been trodden or marched on.

Participles: March

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Literary usage of Marched upon

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The History of Herodotus by Herodotus, George Campbell Macaulay (1904)
"the king of the Ethiopians marched upon Egypt with a great host of men; so this blind man departed, flying to the fen- ..."

2. The German Terror in Belgium: An Historical Record by Arnold Joseph Toynbee (1917)
"... burned down houses, and shot civilians of both sexes and all ages, on every road by which they marched upon Liege—from the north-east, the south-east, ..."

3. The Monthly Magazine by Benjamin Franklin Collection (Library of Congress), Richard Phillips (1813)
"... marched upon Schweinitz. This morning the enemy, in number from titrée to four thousand infantry, with cannon, and l vu horse, coming from Luckau, ..."

4. The History of the French Revolution by Adolphe Thiers (1840)
"After allowing his troops to take breath, he marched upon the second line ... His divisions of infantry marched upon the front and the right of the redoubt. ..."

5. History of the Wars of the French Revolution, from the Breaking Out of the by Edward Baines (1818)
"... on the i'nih, upon Minsk, and marched upon Borisov. General Dombrowski defended the bridge-head of Borisov with 3000 men. On the 23d he was forced, ..."

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