Definition of Mardi gras

1. Noun. The last day before Lent.

Exact synonyms: Pancake Day, Shrove Tuesday
Generic synonyms: Christian Holy Day
Group relationships: Shrovetide

2. Noun. A carnival held in some countries on Shrove Tuesday (the last day before Lent) but especially in New Orleans.
Exact synonyms: Fat Tuesday
Generic synonyms: Carnival
Group relationships: New Orleans

Definition of Mardi gras

1. n. The last day of Carnival; Shrove Tuesday; -- in some cities a great day of carnival and merrymaking.

Definition of Mardi gras

1. Noun. The day, also known as Shrove Tuesday, when traditionally all fat and meat in the house were finished up, before Christians were banned from eating them during Lent, which commenced the following day on Ash Wednesday. ¹

2. Noun. The last day of a carnival, traditionally the celebration immediately before the start of Lent when joy would be out of place for Christians. ¹

3. Noun. A carnival. ¹

4. Proper noun. (alternative form of Mardi Gras) ¹

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Literary usage of Mardi gras

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain (2000)
"THE largest annual event in New Orleans is a something which we arrived too late to sample—the Mardi-Gras festivities. I saw the procession of the Mystic ..."

2. The Writings of Mark Twain [pseud.] by Mark Twain, Charles Dudley Warner (1903)
"ENCHANTMENTS AND ENCHANTERS THE largest annual event in New Orleans is a something which we arrived too late to sample — the Mardi-Gras festivities. ..."

3. The Little Book of Modern Verse: A Selection from the Work of by Jessie Belle Rittenhouse (1913)
"To the editors of the Outlook for permission to reprint "Night's mardi gras," by Edward J. Wheeler. Sincere thanks are due also to my friend Thomas S. Jones ..."

4. New Voices: An Introduction to Contemporary Poetry by Marguerite Ogden Bigelow Wilkinson (1922)
"... NIGHT'S mardi gras Night is the true democracy. When day Like some great monarch with his train has passed, In regal pomp and ..."

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