Definition of Market keeper

1. Noun. A merchant who owns or manages a shop.

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Literary usage of Market keeper

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. O'er the Atlantic: Or, A Journal of a Voyage to and from Europe : a Graphic by William E. Whyte (1870)
"... in the centre of which is the market-keeper's dwelling and clock tower, erected of hewn stone, as if to last for ages untold, with wide entrance gates. ..."

2. Sheffield in the Eighteenth Century by Robert Eadon Leader (1901)
"A ballad, long popular,! poured ridicule on the angry market-keeper by its description of his futile efforts, aided by his dog " Turk," to catch the ..."

3. Laws of the Republic of Hawaii Passed by the Legislature by Hawaii (1898)
"Pay of Reservoir Keepers 2640 00 Pay of Plumber and Assistant 2640 00 Pay of Tap Inspector 2184 00 Pay of Shipping Tenders 1200 00 Pay of market keeper 720 ..."

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