Definition of Marsh rosemary

1. Noun. Any of various plants of the genus Limonium of temperate salt marshes having spikes of white or mauve flowers.

Exact synonyms: Sea Lavender, Statice
Group relationships: Genus Limonium, Limonium
Generic synonyms: Subshrub, Suffrutex

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Literary usage of Marsh rosemary

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Practice of medicine on Thomsonian principles ... and a materia medica by John W. Comfort (1853)
"marsh rosemary. (Statia Limonium) THIS plant, the root of which is used for medical purposes, is found only in salt marshes. ..."

2. New Commercial Plants: With Directions how to Grow Them to the Best by Thomas Christy (1882)
"marsh rosemary (Statice Coriaria), growing abundantly in the south of Russia, has been for centuries employed by the Kalmucks for tanning. ..."

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