Definition of Marshal tito

1. Noun. Yugoslav statesman who led the resistance to German occupation during World War II and established a communist state after the war (1892-1980).

Exact synonyms: Josip Broz, Tito
Generic synonyms: National Leader, Solon, Statesman

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Literary usage of Marshal tito

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Zones of Strain: A Memoir of the Early Cold War by Alfred Connor Bowman (1982)
"These actions were ratified in due course by the Yugoslav National Council, and marshal tito had approved them even while acquiescing in the general ..."

2. An Almanack for the Year of Our Lord by Joseph Whitaker (1869)
"... commonly known as marshal tito. The latter emerged from the turmoil of the war years as the most potent force in the country and the modified ..."

3. The Secret War: The Office of Strategic Services in World War II edited by George C. Chalou (1995)
"Fitzroy Maclean, head of the Anglo-American Allied Mission to Tito, agreed to send to both marshal tito and to General Mihailovic two American technical ..."

4. 54 by Wu Ming (2005)
"'We would like you to make a film on the life of marshal tito and the Yugoslav Resistance. ... 'Now Mr Raymond will talk to you about marshal tito. ..."

5. Russia, Ukraine, and the Breakup of the Soviet Union by Roman Szporluk (2000)
"marshal tito was the last of the Habsburgs: ruling over eight different nations, ... More fortunate than the Habsburgs, marshal tito found an "idea. ..."

6. The Marshall Plan Summer: An Eyewitness Report on Europe and the Russians in by Thomas Andrew Bailey (1977)
"Limited to three hundred thousand men, it would be wholly inadequate to stop an assault by the Communist leader of Yugoslavia, marshal tito. ..."

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