Definition of Mason jar

1. Noun. A glass jar with an air-tight screw top; used in home canning.

Generic synonyms: Jar

Definition of Mason jar

1. Noun. A Mason-brand glass jar with a screw top, often used for preserving food. ¹

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Literary usage of Mason jar

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Annotated Cases, American and English by H Noyes Greene, William Mark McKinney, David Shephard Garland (1917)
"Л contract of sale of jar caps which binds the seller to ship the goods on conditions specified, one of which is that the caps will fit any mason jar, ..."

2. The Boston Cooking School Magazine of Culinary Science and Domestic Economics by Mass Boston Cooking School (Boston, Boston Cooking School (Boston, Mass.) (1907)
"Don't ask your grocer merely for a mason jar—Mason is not enough. ... Another improvement is a Simplex Glass Cap—it fits any mason jar, old or new, ..."

3. Entomological News and Proceedings of the Entomological Section of the by Entomological Section (1901)
"Metal screw top of mason jar. f. Opening cut through lid full size of jar opening. g. ... As I use the pint mason jar exclusively for my cyanide jar, ..."

4. Everyday Science by William Henry Snyder (1919)
"There are several reasons why a Ball-mason jar is superior to an ordinary bottle in the device described: it may be tightly sealed; it is less likely to ..."

5. Francis W. Parker School Studies in Education by Francis W. Parker School, Francis W. Parker School (Chicago, Ill.) (1918)
"This mason jar is cold, like the icebergs (he empties ice from a mason jar and holds the cold jar over the one filled with hot water). ..."

6. The Francis W. Parker School Year Book by Francis W. Parker School (1918)
"This mason jar is cold, like the icebergs (he empties ice from a mason jar and holds the cold jar over the one filled with hot ..."

7. Rural School Agriculture: Exercises for Use with Any Text-book of by Charles Wesley Davis (1907)
"Material needed: mason jar, candle, wire, lime-water, marble chips, ... Mount a piece of candle on a J-shaped wire and lower it into a quart mason jar. ..."

8. Memoirs by Horticultural Society of New York (1904)
"I have often gathered the pollen of the Black Hamburgh and kept it for two months in a mason jar. Fertilization of the Muscat was attained by inserting the ..."

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