Definition of Master of library science

1. Noun. A master's degree in library science.

Exact synonyms: Mls
Generic synonyms: Master's Degree

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Literary usage of Master of library science

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Encyclopedia Americana: A Library of Universal Knowledge (1919)
"Master of Library Science.) 1890. Pratt Institute School of Library Science, Brooklyn, 1893. University of Illinois Library School. ..."

2. The College Year-book and Athletic Record for the Academic Year 1896-97 by Edwin Emerson (1896)
"master of library science. t"or holder of BLS After five years' library work. See BLS and DL.S. -ftf.ME MASTER OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING. ..."

3. Library School Bulletin by New York State Library, New York State Library School, University of the State of New York (1917)
"The degree of master of library science was conferred on Frank Keller Walter of the class of 1906, since 1908 the vice director of the New York State ..."

4. Library Journal by American Library Association, Library Association, Richard Rogers Bowker, Charles Ammi Cutter (1908)
"... of competition of works of the summer session; 25 degrees of bachelor of library science were conferred ; 2 degrees of master of library' science. ..."

5. The American Library Annual: Including Index to Dates of Current Events (1918)
"The degree Master of Library Science is conferred on graduates who have been successfully engaged in library work for at least five years after receiving ..."

6. The digital library: a biography by Daniel I. Greenstein, Suzanne E. Thorin (2002)
"The basic requirement for a librarian position is a master of library science degree or some other relevant master's degree. The staff is not unionized. ..."

7. History of the New York Society Library: With an Introductory Chapter on by Austin Baxter Keep (1908)
"... laid the foundation of his successful career in an exacting apprenticeship under that renowned master of Library science, William I. Fletcher, AM, ..."

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