Definition of Matchboards

1. matchboard [n] - See also: matchboard

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Literary usage of Matchboards

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Handbook of Horticulture and Viticulture of Western Australia by A. Despeissis, Western Australia Dept. of Agriculture (1903)
"They are either made of four 6in. matchboards, 3ft. long, held together by ... or instead of matchboards, on which in damp weather tho fruit mildews more ..."

2. Building Construction and Drawing by Charles Frederick Mitchell, George Arthur Mitchell (1902)
"matchboards are employed in the place of framing where large surfaces are to be covered. They should not be more than 4" in width, and should be nailed on ..."

3. Electricity: Its Theory, Sources, and Applications by John T. Sprague (1892)
"... must not bo soldered but burnt with the blowpipe : there should also be a lining of thin matchboards to prevent accidental contacts with the lead.j 836. ..."

4. The Small Holdings of England: A Survey of Various Existing Systems by Louisa Jebb (1907)
"The dividing walls where there are chimney-stacks are built of brick ; the other dividing walls are of matchboards. Each bedroom has a fireplace. ..."

5. Machine Shop Catechism: Consisting of Over 1000 Carefully Selected Questions by American machinist (1913)
"... substance sprinkled over the surface of the parts of a mold where they join to prevent their sticking together. FIG. 47. matchboards AND WORK. 438. ..."

6. The Forests of Western Australia and Their Development, with Plan and by Western Australia Woods and Forests Dept, J. Ednie-Brown (1899)
"Jarrah, Tuart, Blackbutt and Wandoo; all descriptions of Building Materials; Baltic Deals, Flooring and matchboards; American Clear and Red Pine, ..."

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