Definition of Maxillas

1. Noun. (plural of maxilla) ¹

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Definition of Maxillas

1. maxilla [n] - See also: maxilla

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Literary usage of Maxillas

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An introduction to the osteology of the mammalia: Being the Substance of the by William Henry Flower (1870)
"In front of the nares, the rostrum formed by the maxillas, with the premaxillae in front, is produced, compressed anteriorly, and curved downwards. ..."

2. The Common Spiders of the United States by James Henry Emerton (1902)
"The maxillas (fig. 8) are short female enlarged four times. ... S, the maxillas, labium, and ends of mandibles from below. and wide, and bent toward each ..."

3. The Physiologia of Jean Fernel (1567) by Jean Fernel (2003)
"... in eos praeterea qui maxillas mouent, in eas denique particulas quae pone aures sitae sunt. Erumpit autem ex eo foramine quod inter tertiam et quartam ..."

4. Practical Bacteriology, Blood Work and Animal Parasitology: Including by Edward Rhodes Stitt (1913)
"There are two pairs of mandibles and two pairs of maxillas on either side of the ... The serrations of the maxillas are coarser than those of the mandibles. ..."

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