Definition of Maxwell's equations

1. Noun. Four differential equations that summarize classical properties of electromagnetic fields.

Generic synonyms: Differential Equation

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Literary usage of Maxwell's equations

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Topics in the Geometric Theory of Integrable Mechanical Systems by Robert Hermann (1984)
"Fl RET VARIAT ION OF THE LAGRANGIAN AND MAXWELL ‘ S EQUATIONS Let cx be another ... THE ALGEB RA OF MAXWELL ‘ S EQUATIONS Formula (3.2) exhibits Maxwell's ..."

2. Topics in Physical Geometry by Robert Hermann (1988)
"MAXWELL' S EQUATIONS IN TERMS OF DIFFERENTIAL FORMS Let X be R4, the space-time of relativistic physics. Choose indices and coordinates as follows: 0 < p,v ..."

3. Yang-Mills, Kaluza-Klein, and the Einstein Program by Robert Hermann (1978)
"... is then “quantized” via the irreducible unitary representations of SO(2,R). 4. THE CURVATURE OF THE KALUZA-KLEIN METRIC. MAXWELL' S EQUATIONS IN ..."

4. Vectors and Vector Diagrams: Applied to the Alternating Current Circuit by William Cramp, Charles Frederick Smith (1909)
"We shall complete the analysis by developing from Maxwell.s equations those of Hopkinson and Steinmetz. It will be noticed that throughout we have not ..."

5. Electric Motive Power: The Transmission & Distribution of Electric Power by by Albion Thomas Snell (1894)
"... fundamentals of electromagnetic theory from the Faraday- Maxwell point of view, with some small modifications and extensions upon Maxwell-s equations. ..."

6. Transactions (1909)
"stantaneous energy is of interest, Poynting's theorem based on Maxwell,s equations that the flow of energy is in the medium and perpendicular at all points ..."

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