Definition of Measliest

1. Adjective. (superlative of measly) ¹

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Definition of Measliest

1. measly [adj] - See also: measly

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Literary usage of Measliest

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Recreation by George O. Shields, American Canoe Association, League of American Sportsmen (1899)
"I made the measliest lot of pictures I ever turned out. I don't think I surpassed them in my salad days. Hereafter when pictures are submitted to me for ..."

2. Down in Tennessee: And Back by Way of Richmond by James Roberts Gilmore (1864)
"... an' dad allers 'counted (but mind, stranger, I doan't guv this as my 'pinion) thet a Yankee ar a leetle the measliest critter in all creation. ..."

3. Saint Louis Medical and Surgical Journal (1889)
"... the concealment of the truth from being morally superior to absolute falsehood, it is generally regarded as the measliest and meanest quality of lying. ..."

4. Boy Life on the Prairie by Hamlin Garland (1899)
"Boy Life on the Prairie enormous eater, and smelled of polecats, while Mr. Stewart considered him the " measliest critter that ever punished a hunk o' meat. ..."

5. A Modern Composition and Rhetoric (complete Course) Containing the by Lewis Worthington Smith, James Eames Thomas (1901)
"... measliest man I ever saw. 6. You go home and tell your paw to keep you there. 5. This yere hoss is all the one I have. 7. I don't remember of no such ..."

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