Definition of Mechanical press

1. Noun. Any machine that exerts pressure to form or shape or cut materials or extract liquids or compress solids.

Exact synonyms: Press
Specialized synonyms: Cheese Press, Ciderpress, Garlic Press, Hydraulic Press, Punch Press, Winepress
Generic synonyms: Machine
Derivative terms: Press, Press

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Literary usage of Mechanical press

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Treatise on the Strength, Flexure, and Stiffness of Cast Iron Beams and by William Turnbull (1832)
"THE HYDRO-mechanical press IN order effectually to prove the strength of beams, ... Of all the engines now in use, the Hydro- mechanical press is the most ..."

2. Transactions of the Society Instituted at London for the Encouragement of by Royal Society of Arts (Great Britain), Society of Arts (1815)
"... Chelsea, for his Communication respecting an Hydro-mechanical Press for extracting Oil from Cocoa Nuts, of which an Engraving is annexed, Plate 30. ..."

3. American Tool Making and Interchangeable Manufacturing: A Treatise Upon the by Joseph Vincent Woodsworth (1904)
"... in the mechanical press and which one becomes informed of through association with brother mechanics, or through experience and practical observation. ..."

4. Catalogue of the Library of the Institution of Civil Engineers by Benjamin Lewis Vulliamy, Institution of Civil Engineers (Great Britain). Library (1866)
"... hydro-mechanical press. 8vo. Cuts. Lond. 1832 Major \V. Report on the construction of the Potomac aqueduct, with other documents relating thereto. ..."

5. Report on Machinery and Processes of the Industrial Arts and Apparatus of by Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard (1869)
"The force is applied successively, as follows: First, directly to the large upper wheel ОГ Screw-nilt, marked I); then, Chollet-Champion's mechanical press. ..."

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