Definition of Medal

1. Noun. An award for winning a championship or commemorating some other event.

Definition of Medal

1. n. A piece of metal in the form of a coin, struck with a device, and intended to preserve the remembrance of a notable event or an illustrious person, or to serve as a reward.

2. v. t. To honor or reward with a medal.

Definition of Medal

1. Noun. A stamped metal disc used as a personal ornament, a charm, or a religious object. ¹

2. Noun. A stamped or cast metal object (usually a disc), particularly one awarded as a prize or reward. ¹

3. Verb. (sports proscribed) To win a medal ¹

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Definition of Medal

1. to honor with a medal (a commemorative piece of metal) [v -ALED, -ALING, -ALS or -ALLED, -ALLING, -ALS]

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Literary usage of Medal

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Journal by Royal Society of Arts (Great Britain) (1875)
"In 1871 all the members of the corporation received a gold medal from the City of Paris. In the Army Medical Department, out of tht j Alexander Memorial ..."

2. The Annual Register, Or, A View of the History, Politics, and Literature for by Edmund Burke, Benjamin Franklin Collection (Library of Congress), John Davis Batchelder Collection (Library of Congress) (1822)
"To Mr, Austen, Waltham Abbey, for his improvement in Corn Mills, the large Silver medal. 2. To Mr. R. Pering, Clerk of the Cheque, Plymouth Dock, ..."

3. The Lancet (1842)
"Gold medal, William John Preston, of London ; first silver medal, ... Gold medal, Edwin Hearne ; first silver medal, John Topham, of Droitwich ; second ..."

4. The Dictionary of National Biography by Sidney Lee (1909)
"In 1809 he struck his first medal, a medal presented to Lieutenant Pearce, RN In 1810 he gained the gold medal of the Society of Arts for medal engraving ..."

5. The Gentleman's Magazine (1799)
"For fet- ling fix acres between the ift of October, 1798, and April, 1799, vvith or without feeds or cuttings of other trees; the gold medal. ..."

6. The Connoisseur by Bonnell Thornton, George Colman, Mr Town, George Lyttelton Lyttelton (1902)
"A midshipman's medal, with bar for Copenhagen, 1801 — rare as an officer's medal — made £&. Two or three Indian medals made good prices. ..."

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