Definition of Medical dressing

1. Noun. A cloth covering for a wound or sore.

Exact synonyms: Dressing
Specialized synonyms: Bandage, Patch, Compress, Cataplasm, Plaster, Poultice, Surgical Dressing
Generic synonyms: Cloth Covering
Derivative terms: Dress

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Literary usage of Medical dressing

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Reports and Awards by United States Centennial Commission (1877)
"PREPARED medical dressing MATERIAL. Report.—Commended for a complete set of all dressing materials as they are in connection with Lister's method. ..."

2. Official Catalogue by United States Centennial Commission (1876)
"276 357./ Hartmann, P., Heidenheim.—Prepared medical dressing materials, etc. 276 367' Surgical Clinic of the University of ..."

3. The Medical Language of St. Luke: A Proof from Internal Evidence that "The by William Kirk Hobart (1882)
"It is thus put by St. Cyril—" The only attention, and, во to speak, medical dressing, \vhich his sores received was from the dogs who came and licked them. ..."

4. The Great Crime and Its Moral by John Selden Willmore (1917)
"All the German medical authorities abandoned the camp at once; food, drink, medical dressing, drugs, were all either stinted to starvation point or refused ..."

5. Word Studies in the New Testament by Marvin Richardson Vincent (1887)
"Cyril, cited by Hobart, says : " The only attention, and, so to speak, medical dressing, which his sores received, ..."

6. Obsolete American Securities and Corporations by Roland Mulville Smythe (1911)
"Gregg medical dressing Bench Co. of New Jersey. New Jersey Charter void 1905. For nonpayment of taxes. Gregory Consolidated Mining Co. Mines in Montana. ..."

7. Submarine Warfare of To-day: How the Submarine Menace was Met and Vanquished by Charles William Domville-Fife (1920)
"By a curious ordinance of fate, picric acid, one of the most deadly explosives known, also provides a medical dressing for the alleviation of the pain which ..."

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