Definition of Medical specialist

1. Noun. Practices one branch of medicine.

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Literary usage of Medical specialist

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Saint Louis Medical and Surgical Journal (1897)
"A medical specialist differs widely from the poet, who, we are told, is "born, ... The medical specialist is made, not born. No specialist has ever yet been ..."

2. The Secrets of specialists by Alfred Dale Covey (1911)
"The Specialist A medical specialist has been defined as a physician or a surgeon who knows something about every disease and everything about some disease, ..."

3. Vivisection: Hearing Before the Senate Committee on the District of Columbia by United States, Committee on the District of Columbia, Senate, Congress (1900)
"The, mere, medical specialist, even if his specialty includes vivisection, should no more be considered a physician than the mere fashioner of boxes a ..."

4. The International Journal of Orthodontia and Oral Surgery (1919)
"The alert medical specialist has long since determined that his ... If the physician or medical specialist was a conscientious conservative man he would not ..."

5. Seven Firefights in Vietnam by John A. Cash (1985)
"By 0130 Sgt. Richard H. Allen, an assistant medical specialist, ... 4 Joel Johnson, another assistant medical specialist, saw the two enemy tanks and ..."

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