Definition of Medici

1. Noun. Aristocratic Italian family of powerful merchants and bankers who ruled Florence in the 15th century.

Generic synonyms: House

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Literary usage of Medici

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Cyclopedia of Painters and Paintings edited by John Denison Champlin, Charles Callahan Perkins (1887)
"Son of Pi- ero de' medici, nephew of Pope Leo X. and of Giuliano de' medici, ... He also painted three portraits for the gallery : Maria de' medici as ..."

2. The History of the Popes, from the Close of the Middle Ages: Drawn from the by Ludwig Pastor, Ralph Francis Kerr, Frederick Ignatius Antrobus (1908)
"At first there was only one man, Cardinal Bibbiena, who was the Pope's confidant in all matters of political secrecy; but later, Giulio de' medici filled ..."

3. A History of the Italian Republics: Being a View of the Rise, Progress, and by Jean-Charles-Léonard Simonde Sismondi (1847)
"Pitti and medici were reconciled: they agreed to call a parliament, ... But medici, on the nomination of the balia, on the 2d of September, 1466, ..."

4. English Writers: An Attempt Towards a History of English Literature by Henry Morley, William Hall Griffin (1891)
"But Veri de' medici, more virtuous than ambitious, told the Senate that he was ... Veri de' medici subdued the strife, but the advantage thus gained by the ..."

5. The Cambridge Modern History by Adolphus William Ward, George Walter Prothero (1907)
"It was decided to restore the medici at Florence. This had been the Pope's avowed object since 1510, and he was not likely at this stage to see that it was, ..."

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