Definition of Meitner

1. Noun. Swedish physicist (born in Austria) who worked in the field of radiochemistry with Otto Hahn and formulated the concept of nuclear fission with Otto Frisch (1878-1968).

Exact synonyms: Lise Meitner
Generic synonyms: Nuclear Physicist

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Literary usage of Meitner

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Chess Player's Chronicle (1882)
"Saturday, 20th May—(9th Bound)—Steinitz met meitner ; the ... The games between Wittek and meitner Hruby and Englisch, Fleissig and Noa were drawn. ..."

2. Radioactive substances and their radiations by Ernest Rutherford (1913)
"Actinium D. The 8 and y rays emitted from the active deposit re initially ascribed to actinium C. Hahn and meitner*, how- 2r, showed later that another ..."

3. The Chemistry of the Radio-elements by Frederick Soddy (1911)
"53 Hahn and meitner, Ber. D. physikal. Ges., 1909, 11, 55. 64 Hahn and meitner, Physikal. Zeitsch., 1909, 10, 697 ; Fajans, ibid., 1911,12369. ..."

4. Westminster Papers: A Monthly Journal of Chess, Whist, Games of Skill and by Westminster Chess Club, London (1874)
"Play commenced on the 2 ist ult., the following being the pairing for the first round of matches : — Anderssen v. meitner, Bird v. ..."

5. A Dictionary of Applied Chemistry by Thomas Edward Thorpe (1921)
"Hahn and meitner (Phys. Zeits. 1918, 19, 208) independently have separated and studied more extensively the parent of actinium. This substance they call ..."

6. A Treatise on Chemistry by Henry Enfield Roscoe, John Cannell Cain, Carl Schorlemmer (1913)
"... that when a transformation takes place with the emission of a ft particle 1 Hahn and meitner. ... 2 Hahn and meitner, ..."

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