Definition of Melanous

1. having dark skin and hair [adj]

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Literary usage of Melanous

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Natural History of Man: Comprising Inquiries Into the Modifying by James Cowles Prichard (1855)
"If we divide human races into these three varieties, founded chiefly on the colour of the hair, we must consider the melanous ..."

2. Glimpses of the Ages: Or, The "superior" and "inferior" Races, So Called by Theophilus E. Samuel Scholes (1905)
"With hair of these colours is combined a fair complexion, a complexion which exposure to heat does not tend, as in the melanous variety, to render black or ..."

3. Researches Into the Physical History of Mankind by James Cowles Prichard (1851)
"There are, in reality, many nations of the melanous variety, in which some tribes, or families, approach to the extremes of whiteness or blackness in ..."

4. Doctors and patients, or, Anecdotes of the medical world and curiosities of by John Timbs (1876)
"... and xantho-melanous, yellow, brown, or olive, and the hair black. SYMPATHIES AND ANTIPATHIES. The subject of sympathies and antipathies is extremely ..."

5. Man's place in nature: and other anthropological essays by Thomas Henry Huxley (1898)
"... with black hair and yellow, brown, or olive skins; and one for the "melanous," with black hair and dark brown or blackish skins. ..."

6. Proceedings by Royal Institution of Great Britain (1866)
"melanous. Australians. Negroes. Negritos. ... brown, or olive, and the hair black ; " melanous," that the hair and skin are both very dark, or blackish. ..."

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