Definition of Melursus ursinus

1. Noun. Common coarse-haired long-snouted bear of south-central Asia.

Exact synonyms: Sloth Bear, Ursus Ursinus
Generic synonyms: Bear
Group relationships: Genus Melursus, Melursus

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Literary usage of Melursus ursinus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Geographical History of Mammals by Richard Lydekker (1896)
"... which is the earliest known representative of the true bears; and the Malayan species may be FIG. 62. INDIAN SLOTH-BEAR (melursus ursinus). ..."

2. Catalogue of Mammalia in the Indian Museum, Calcutta by John Anderson, William Lutley Sclater, Indian Museum (1891)
"melursus ursinus. Bradypus ursinus, Shan and ... melursus ursinus, Blanford Mammals, p. 201 (1888). ... 211] is distinctly allied to melursus ursinus. ..."

3. Leaves from an Indian Jungle: Gathered During Thirteen Years of a Jungle by Alexander Inglis Robertson Glasfurd (1903)
"... MELURSUS " DIABOLICUS," Ursus labiatus^ alias melursus ursinus as he is now called the common "Sloth" bear of India, appears to be an animal of varied ..."

4. Rifle and Romance in the Indian Jungle: A Record of Thirteen Years by Alexander Inglis Robertson Glasfurd (1905)
"... alias melursus ursinus, as he is mI now called, the common "sloth" bear of India, ^il appears to be an animal of varied accomplishments and strange ..."

5. List of the Vertebrated Animals Now Or Lately Living in the Gardens of the by London Zoo (London, England), Philip Lutley Sclater (1883)
"melursus ursinus (Shaw). Sloth Bear. Hab. India. a. Female. Presented by Lieut. James Howe Mardon, 66th Regt., Nov. 19, 1863. b. ..."

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