Definition of Metabolic process

1. Noun. The organic processes (in a cell or organism) that are necessary for life.

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Literary usage of Metabolic process

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1922)
"Just as the various steps in the metabolic process are dependent on those which preceded them, so when an organism becomes differentiated into parts, ..."

2. American Medicine (1906)
"... distinctly separate from growth and atrophy permits the former to be regarded as one intimately combined and normal metabolic process in a working cell, ..."

3. Lectures on the Physiology of Plants by Sydney Howard Vines (1886)
"We see, then, that for each metabolic process there are three cardinal points of temperature; the minimum- or zero-point at which the performance of the ..."

4. Crossing Over: The Basics of Evolution : Workbook for Teachers by Edith Dempster (2006)
"Animal cells use oxygen during the metabolic process called cellular respiration. ... During daylight, green plant cells make sugar by the metabolic process ..."

5. Fundamentals of Human Physiology by Roy Gentry Pearce, John James Rickard Macleod (1916)
"If we take such a metabolic process as that which carbohydrates undergo, we should expect that the conditions which determine whether glycogen shall be ..."

6. Milk by Paul Gustav Heinemann (1919)
"Pediatric literature for many years has been made the battlefield for controversies regarding the nature of the metabolic process and the character of the ..."

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