Definition of Middle

1. Noun. An area that is approximately central within some larger region. "They were in the eye of the storm"

2. Verb. Put in the middle.
Generic synonyms: Lay, Place, Pose, Position, Put, Set

3. Adjective. Being neither at the beginning nor at the end in a series. "The middle point on a line"
Exact synonyms: In-between, Mediate
Similar to: Intermediate

4. Noun. An intermediate part or section. "A whole is that which has beginning, middle, and end"
Generic synonyms: Division, Part, Section
Antonyms: Beginning, End

5. Adjective. Equally distant from the extremes.
Exact synonyms: Center, Halfway, Midway
Similar to: Central
Derivative terms: Center

6. Noun. The middle area of the human torso (usually in front). "Young American women believe that a bare midriff is fashionable"
Exact synonyms: Midriff, Midsection
Generic synonyms: Area, Region
Group relationships: Body, Torso, Trunk

7. Adjective. Of a stage in the development of a language or literature between earlier and later stages. "Middle Gaelic"
Category relationships: Linguistics
Antonyms: Early, Late

8. Noun. Time between the beginning and the end of a temporal period. "Rain during the middle of April"
Generic synonyms: Point, Point In Time
Specialized synonyms: Deep
Antonyms: Beginning, End

9. Adjective. Between an earlier and a later period of time. "In his middle thirties"
Attributes: Timing
Similar to: Intervening, Mid
Antonyms: Early, Late

Definition of Middle

1. a. Equally distant from the extreme either of a number of things or of one thing; mean; medial; as, the middle house in a row; a middle rank or station in life; flowers of middle summer; men of middle age.

2. n. The point or part equally distant from the extremities or exterior limits, as of a line, a surface, or a solid; an intervening point or part in space, time, or order of series; the midst; central portion

Definition of Middle

1. Noun. A centre, midpoint ¹

2. Noun. The part between the beginning and the end. ¹

3. Noun. (cricket) the middle stump ¹

4. Noun. The central part of a human body. ¹

5. Adjective. Being in the '''middle''' or in-between; as middle point, middle name, Middle English, Middle Ages, middle weight, etc. ¹

6. Adjective. Central to. ¹

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Definition of Middle

1. to place in the middle (the area or point equidistant from extremes or limits) [v -DLED, -DLING, -DLES]

Medical Definition of Middle

1. 1. Equally distant from the extreme either of a number of things or of one thing; mean; medial; as, the middle house in a row; a middle rank or station in life; flowers of middle summer; men of middle age. 2. Intermediate; intervening. "Will, seeking good, finds many middle ends." (Sir J. Davies) Middle is sometimes used in the formation of selfexplaining compounds; as, middle-sized, middle-witted. Middle Ages, the period of time intervening between the decline of the Roman Empire and the revival of letters. Hallam regards it as beginning with the sixth and ending with the fifteenth century. Middle class, in England, people who have an intermediate position between the aristocracy and the artisan class. It includes professional men, bankers, merchants, and small landed proprietors "The middle-class electorate of Great Britain." (M. Arnold) Middle distance. See Voice. Middle watch, the period from midnight to four A. M.; also, the men on watch during that time. Middle weight, a pugilist, boxer, or wrestler classed as of medium weight, i. E, over 140 and not over 160 lbs, in distinction from those classed as light weights, heavy weights, etc. Origin: OE. Middel, AS. Middel; akin to D. Middel, OHG. Muttil, G. Mittel. See Mid. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Middle

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. German Education: Past and Present by Friedrich Paulsen (1908)
"In the middle Ages social life was encompassed and dominated by the Church, and the goal of education could therefore be no other than to draw the rising ..."

2. Italy and the Italian Islands: From the Earliest Ages to the Present Time by William Spalding (1841)
"Introductory Chapter, THE ITALIANS—In Ancient Times—In the middle Ages—In Modern ... Ancient Italy, Italy in the middle Ages, and the Italy of Modern Times, ..."

3. The Archaeological Journal by British Archaeological Association (1848)
"REMARKS ON PERSONAL SEALS DURING THE middle AGES. THE object of this paper is to draw attention to the varieties of personal seals used in this country ..."

4. A Compendious History of English Literature, and of the English Language by George Lillie Craik (1861)
"middle AND LATTER PART OF THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY. ... Down almost to the Revolution, or at least to the middle of the reign of Charles II. ..."

5. The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales: The Knightes Tale, the Nonnes Prestes Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer (1901)
"The dialects have, therefore, been kept in the background, and Chaucer's speech has been assumed to be normal middle English. ..."

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