Definition of Milk of magnesia

1. Noun. Purgative consisting of a milky white liquid suspension of magnesium hydroxide; used as a laxative and (in smaller doses) as an antacid.

Generic synonyms: Aperient, Cathartic, Physic, Purgative

Definition of Milk of magnesia

1. Noun. A milky-white solution of magnesium hydroxide, used as a saline osmotic laxative and as an antacid. ¹

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Medical Definition of Milk of magnesia

1. Mixture of magnesium hydroxide; an aqueous solution of magnesium hydroxide, used as an antacid and laxative. Synonym: magnesia magma. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Milk of magnesia

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Practitioner by Gale Group, ProQuest Information and Learning Company (1903)
"It forms an agreeable substitute for the usual Soda or Seltzer Water at table. It can be obtained in syphons or bottles, as preferred. milk of magnesia. ..."

2. Diseases of the Stomach, Intestines, and Pancreas by Robert Coleman Kemp (1917)
"Wash the stomach thoroughly with an alkaline solution—i to 2 quarts (liters) of warm water in which 2 to 3 ounces (30.0-45.0) of milk of magnesia (Phillips) ..."

3. Diseases of infancy and childhood: Their Dietetic, Hygienic, and Medical by Louis Fischer (1910)
"An excellent preparation to relieve colic is calcined magnesia, or milk of magnesia, made by Phillips.1 Hare's "System of Medicine" contains an article by ..."

4. Proceedings of the American Pharmaceutical Association at the Annual Meeting by American Pharmaceutical Association, National Pharmaceutical Convention, American Pharmaceutical Association Meeting (1882)
"The milk of magnesia is made by triturating 2 parts of calcined magnesia with well-boiled, or distilled water, and preserved in well- stoppered vials. ..."

5. Teeth & Health: How to Lengthen Life and Increase Happiness by Proper Care by Thomas J. Ryan, Edwin Frederick Bowers (1921)
"From the third to the sixth week the baby should get ten ounces of top milk, two ounces of milk sugar, three quarters of a teaspoonful of milk of magnesia, ..."

6. Journal of the British Dental Association by British Dental Association (1899)
"He especially, however, dealt with the substance known as milk of magnesia, which had been brought before his notice in an article in the Dental Cosmos a ..."

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