Definition of Millais

1. Noun. Englishman and Pre-Raphaelite painter (1829-1896).

Exact synonyms: Sir John Everett Millais
Generic synonyms: Pre-raphaelite

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Literary usage of Millais

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Quarterly Review by John Gibson Lockhart, George Walter Prothero, William Gifford, Sir John Taylor Coleridge, Whitwell Elwin, William Macpherson, Baron Rowland Edmund Prothero Ernle, Sir William Smith (1906)
"Life and Letters of Sir John Everett millais. By Job Guillo millais. Two vols. London : Methuen, 1899. 3. Dante Gabriel Rossetti: his Family-letters. ..."

2. Pre-Raphaelitism and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood by William Holman Hunt (1905)
"our rejection of Charles Collins—Talk about Deverell—Conversation between millais and A. Lewis—Charles Collins—Remove to Worcester Park Farm—millais and I ..."

3. Men of the Time: A Dictionary of Contemporaries, Containing Biographical by Thompson Cooper (1884)
"The family of millais has -held for centuries a place among the lesser landholders of the island of Jersey, where the name doubtless existed long prior to ..."

4. Review of Historical Publications Relating to Canada by University of Toronto (1908)
"Mr. millais did not a little exploration in the interior of the island, ... Cormack in 1822 estimated that there were 150 of them, and Mr. millais reckons ..."

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