Definition of Miter joint

1. Noun. Joint that forms a corner; usually both sides are bevelled at a 45-degree angle to form a 90-degree corner.

Exact synonyms: Miter, Mitre, Mitre Joint
Generic synonyms: Joint
Derivative terms: Miter

Definition of Miter joint

1. Noun. A joint between two members at an angle to each other; each member is cut at an angle equal to half the angle of the junction and usually joint at right angles to each other. ¹

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Literary usage of Miter joint

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Century Dictionary: An Encyclopedic Lexicon of the English Language by William Dwight Whitney (1890)
"It is used for making miter-joints on small moldings. miter-joint (mî'ter-joint), ». A joint in which the plane of the abutting surfaces bisects the angle ..."

2. Handwork in Wood by William Noyes (1910)
"Kip. 2SK. Devices for Gluing Beveled No. 58. A ledge and miter or lipped miter joint, Fig. ... 268, is a form of miter joint used in making trusses. No. ..."

3. Cyclopedia of Architecture, Carpentry, and Building: A General Reference by American Technical Society (1917)
"Rabbeted miter joint. There are two or three variations of the simple ... Rabbeted miter joint Fig. 77 shows another way of rabbeting a mitered joint which ..."

4. The Improvement of Rivers: A Treatise on the Methods Employed for Improving by Benjamin Franklin Thomas, David Alexander Watt (1903)
"miter joint.—The upper side of the miter or toe, both in wooden and in metal gates, should be beveled off for about a third of its width, so that the actual ..."

5. Exercises in Wood-working, with a Short Treatise on Wood: Written for Manual by Ivin Sickels (1889)
"To make a miter-joint. Mark with the try-square and knife two lines across the middle of the strip from a and e, Fig. 1, about £" apart. ..."

6. Notes on Track: Construction and Maintenance by Walter Mason Camp (1904)
"The miter joint (Engraving T, Pig. 20) is made by cutting the rail end off ... On some other roads the results from the use of the miter joint have been ..."

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