Definition of Modest moussorgsky

1. Noun. Russian composer of operas and orchestral works (1839-1881).

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Literary usage of Modest moussorgsky

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Modern Russian Songs: For Low Voice by Ernest Newman (1921)
"... MA LUMIÈRE) Translated from the Russian (Original Key ,C) of modest moussorgsky by Constance Purely French version by ..."

2. Modern Music and Musicians by Louis Charles Elson (1918)
"... Opera in four acts and prologue by modest moussorgsky. Text founded upon Pushkin. THIS story is about a Tartan upstart, ..."

3. Face to Face with Great Musicians by Charles David Isaacson (1921)
"While he was striving to figure the problem, the door behind him opened and quickly closed. Young Hanov emerged guiltily. "Moussorgsky, modest moussorgsky," ..."

4. Musical Portraits: Interpretations of Twenty Modern Composers by Paul Rosenfeld (1920)
"What the world lost when modest moussorgsky died in his forty-second year we shall never know. But, chiefest of all, his music has the grandeur of an ..."

5. The Lure of Music: Depicting the Human Side of Great Composers, with Stories by Olin Downes, Columbia Graphophone Company (U.S.) (1918)
"The career of modest moussorgsky (1839-81), whose genius was so audacious and original that of all "The Five" he was the longest in being recognized at his ..."

6. Famous Composers and Their Works by John Knowles Paine, Theodore Thomas (1891)
"... was modest moussorgsky (1839-1881). He wrote songs, pianoforte pieces, and three operas, one of which, ..."

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