Definition of Mojave desert

1. Noun. A desert area in southern California and western Arizona.

Exact synonyms: Mohave, Mohave Desert, Mojave
Generic synonyms: Desert
Group relationships: Arizona, Az, Grand Canyon State, Ca, Calif., California, Golden State
Terms within: Death Valley

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Literary usage of Mojave desert

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Vanished Arizona: Recollections of the Army Life of a New England Woman by Martha Summerhayes (1911)
"... CHAPTER VII THE mojave desert Thou white and dried-up sea! so old! So strewn with wealth, so sown with gold! Yes, thou art old and hoary white With time ..."

2. Our Italy by Charles Dudley Warner (1891)
"... flows by mojave desert. many a bold point and lovely bay, like those of San Pedro, Redondo, and Santa Monica; but it has no secure harbor, ..."

3. Over the Range to the Golden Gate: A Complete Tourist's Guide to Colorado by Stanley Wood, C. E. Hooper (1903)
"For several miles the train rolls along on a level plateau on the summit of this range before the descent to the mojave desert is made. ..."

4. Some By-ways of California by Charles Franklin Carter (1911)
"The mojave desert IT IS a far cry from New York City to the mojave desert. There, one is in the heart of the most intense, high-strung life in every ..."

5. The Economics of Mining by Herbert Hoover, R. Gilman Brown (1907)
"MINING AND MILLING IN THE mojave desert (January 28, 1904) The Editor: SIR—The Desert region, from an economic standpoint, in regard to mining, ..."

6. Report of the Conservation Commission of the State of California: January 1 by California Conservation Commission, George Cooper Pardee, Frank Adams, Sidney T. Harding, Ralph D. Robertson, C. E. Tait, Charles Hamilton Lee (1912)
"mojave desert. mojave desert, unlike Colorado Desert, can not depend upon a large river for water for irrigation. Although the largest of the divisions, ..."

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