Definition of Monkey puzzle

1. Noun. Large Chilean evergreen conifer having intertwined branches and bearing edible nuts.

Exact synonyms: Araucaria Araucana, Chile Pine
Generic synonyms: Araucaria

Definition of Monkey puzzle

1. Noun. Araucaria, a coniferous tree. ¹

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Literary usage of Monkey puzzle

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. How Plants are Trained to Work for Man by Luther Burbank (1921)
"At the top of this monkey-puzzle tree, so called, are borne several very large cones containing the large nutlike seeds of the tree. ..."

2. Diversions of a Naturalist by Edwin Ray Lankester (1915)
"... besides the Chilian monkey puzzle, an Australian species, and the New Zealand Dammar pine Agathis, which produces the amber-like Kauri gum. ..."

3. The English Flower Garden and Home Grounds: Design and Arrangement Shown by by William Robinson (1907)
"ARAUCARIA (Monkey-Puzzle}.—k noble group of Cone-bearing trees, most of which, ... A. imbricata (the Monkey- Puzzle Tree) is a native of Chili, ..."

4. Out West: A Magazine of the Old Pacific and the New by Charles Fletcher Lummis, Archaeological Institute of America Southwest Society, Sequoya League (1908)
"Of the other cone-bearing trees, of which there are many, none are more curious than the maiden-hair tree (Ginkgo biloba) of Japan, or the monkey-puzzle ..."

5. South America: A Geography Reader by Isaiah Bowman (1915)
"One of those still living is the araucaria, or monkey-puzzle tree, found in southwestern Brazil and on both the eastern and western sides of the Andes ..."

6. Report of Meeting by ANZAAS, ANZAAS. (1905)
"Of exotic trees we have a striking example in the Brazilian Monkey-puzzle ... and grows much faster than (he Chilian Monkey-puzzle (Aran- caria imbricata). ..."

7. Minute Marvels of Nature: Being Some Revelations of the Microscope by John J. Ward (1904)
"51, which represents a portion of the epidermis of one of the leaves of the araucaria, or "monkey puzzle." These tiny mouths open into the intercellular ..."

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