Definition of Moore

1. Noun. United States composer of works noted for their use of the American vernacular (1893-1969).

Exact synonyms: Douglas Moore
Generic synonyms: Composer

2. Noun. English actor and comedian who appeared on television and in films (born in 1935).

3. Noun. English philosopher (1873-1958).
Exact synonyms: G. E. Moore, George Edward Moore
Generic synonyms: Philosopher

4. Noun. Irish poet who wrote nostalgic and patriotic verse (1779-1852).
Exact synonyms: Thomas Moore
Generic synonyms: Poet

5. Noun. United States poet noted for irony and wit (1887-1872).
Exact synonyms: Marianne Craig Moore, Marianne Moore
Generic synonyms: Poet

6. Noun. British sculptor whose works are monumental organic forms (1898-1986).

Definition of Moore

1. Proper noun. Many toponymic place names, or parts of place names, derived from moor. ¹

2. Proper noun. An English and Irish surname similarly derived. ¹

3. Proper noun. (alternative spelling of More) ¹

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Literary usage of Moore

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"At the end of seven days the public were informed that Ann moore had taken no ... Thereupon, at the earnest request of her daughter, Mary moore, the watch ..."

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