Definition of Motor mower

1. Noun. A lawn mower powered by a gasoline motor.

Exact synonyms: Power Mower
Generic synonyms: Lawn Mower, Mower
Specialized synonyms: Riding Mower
Antonyms: Hand Mower

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Literary usage of Motor mower

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Horseless AgeAutomo (1900)
"At the present rate of growth of interest and knowledge, the petroleum motor mower should be a saleable article in a very few years. ..."

2. Turf for Golf Courses by Charles Vancouver Piper, Russell Arthur Oakley (1917)
"We use a heavy motor mower on the course only a very few times in a year. For fair-green mowers, the three pony machines yoked together are the most ..."

3. The Book of Garden Design by Charles Thonger (1905)
"SIXTY YEARS' REPUTATION 14" motor mower STANDARD HAND MACHINES AND. LIGHT ROLLER MOWERS. Also the " Talisman," . Used in the Royal Wheel Machines. ..."

4. Golfers Magazine by United States Golf Association, Western Golf Association (1908)
"... Clubs of the United States OUR 1908 motor mower BOOKLET IS NOW READY Coldwell Lawn Mower Co. 11 Coldwell Street, Newburgh, ..."

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